24h Readathon

So I really love 24H readathon’s! (here you try to read as much as possible in 24h) Unfortunately every time these are organised I can’t participate 🙁

Since this weekend we had a long weekend I decided to do my own 24h readathon on last Thursday (May 10th).

So I made a TBR, being aware this is probably not doable but whatever haha

  • Batman: nightwalker. Since I still need to read this and it is quite short 🙂
  • Charlotte’s web. This one should be easy since it’s a children’s book and really short.
  • Giant days vol: 4. (to break up the novels :))
  • Take back the skies. I have had this on my TBR for quite a while, have no idea what it is about, but it is not to long and has a big font!
  • I would like to make a start on my arc of the oddling prince. I also don’t think this is really long, so maybe if the day goes really well haha
  • And lastly, I will start listening to the last ever after. For when I am doing things and can’t physically read.


Let’s just start with saying that I can’t deal without sleep, so don’t expect me to not sleep for 24 hours ..

Okay I have no clue how to make this interesting to read, but I wrote updates every hour, about how far I was etc, so I guess I will just write those down?!

If your not interested in this, I will write a wrap up down below so you could just scroll down to read that!


Time Done
6:00 Tried to wake up but feel back asleep.. Good start haha


Tried to wake up again, this time it went well haha.

Started reading Batman: nightwalker.

8:00 Reached page 50 of Batman. Also got myself out of my bed to make some breakfast.
9:00 Reached page 122 of Batman.


Reached page 202 of Batman.

Finished Batman: nightwalker. So my morning started of pretty well with only reading. Also took a small break from reading.

11:00 Started reading Take back the skies.
12:00 Reached page 78 of Take back the skies. Took a break to go to the supermarket and clean my room while listening to The last ever after.
















Listened to 1h and 10 minutes of my audio book at 1.5 speed (so approximately 45 min.). Prepared some lunch.

Eat my lunch while reading Giant days vol. 4 













Finished Giant days vol. 4

Continued reading Take back the skies, with a healthy snack 

15:00 Reached page 122 of Take back the skies – started to get a bit distracted by everything, for example the back cover of this book!

Also drank some RedBull, because TIRED!



Reached page 122 of Take back the skies. Took a break here, reading started to be tiresome, I did listened to my audiobook though until I reached 1h and 50minutes at 1.5 speed.

Continued reading Take back the skies, since I wanted to finish it before dinner.

17:00 Reached page 252 of Take back the skies.



Reached page 330 of Take back the skies.

Finished Take back the skies.

Prepared dinner while listening to my audiobook until I reached 2h and 38 minutes at 1.5 speed (so 1h and 45minutes).

19:00 Ate dinner while started reading Charlotte’s web.


Reached page 87 of Charlotte’s web. Took a shower break and listened to my audiobook. Reached 3h and 14 minutes at 1.5 speed (so 2h and 9min).

Continued reading Charlotte’s web.



Reached page 122 of Charlotte’s web. Also started watching the Eurovision songfestival, so my reading slowed down because that was a bit distracting.

Finished reading Charlotte’s web. Stopped reading for a bit.

22:00 Started reading The oddling prince, which starts at page 9. Also drank some coffee and a healthy snack 



Reached page 34 of The oddling prince. Eurovision songfestival ended, so prepared for bed.

Went to bed

Fell asleep, reached page 47 of The oddling prince.

00:00-6:00 Asleep


So I read:

  • Batman: nightwalker. 3 stars, will post a review next week! 250 pages
  • Giant days vol. 4. 4 stars. 112 pages
  • Take back the skies. 4 stars, will probably post a review since this was surprisingly good! 375 pages.
  • Charlotte’s web. 4 stars, can’t believe I’ve never read this before. 186 pages.
  • Listened to 3 hours and 14 minutes of The last ever after, which is worth 101 pages.
  • And started The oddling prince, only read 38 pages.


So I read a GRAND total of 1064 pages !!!!

I’m an overachiever I know.. But I actually thought I had quite a relaxing day!

Really proud of myself for not grabbing for unhealthy snacks all the time, but ate fruit!

Will definitely do another one in the future since I really enjoyed myself!


Come talk to me!

Do you ever do 24h readathons?

What do you think I can do different for such a kind of post? To make it more interesting?

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