Review – Timekeeper

Title: Timekeeper

Author: Tara Sim

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Gary Furlong

Publisher: sky pony press

Publisher audiobook: Unabrigded

Page count: 414 (8h 49min)

Release day: November 8th 2016

Series: Timekeeper #1

Rating: 4 stars


What is it about?

This book takes place in a Victorian world were time is alive. Which means all towns are controlled by clock towers, a damaged clock can fracture time, and a destroyed clock can stop time completely.

One of the clock mechanics, who can not only repair clocks, but time itself, is determined to free his father from a stopped city. He is not the only mechanic trying to fix the stopped city, but there are also people working against them.

This book is about a boy who will do everything to relive his past, and one boy who would give up everything to live at all.

A romance that will shake the very foundations of time.


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What I thought:

I kinda started listening to this on a whim, so I did not really have any expectations for this book. But wow what did it surprise me! This book had such an interesting start, that as soon as I started I did not want to stop listening!

Normally I listen to books at at least 1.5 speed, but for this book I put it at 1.25 since I just wanted it to last as long as possible (but 1 speed was to slow haha). Partly why I enjoyed the audiobook so much was because of the narrator, his voice fits the main character so well!

This story is so original, and I loved it so much. I’ve never read a book before were time was a ‘real’ thing.

Oooh and let me talk about the romance! It was so darn cute, I can’t get over it! It was totally predictable, but I don’t care, I would already continue the series only for the romance!! And especially at the end <3 #melting

So let’s just say I really loved this book!

There were some small things which annoyed me a little bit, and are therefore the reason for taking 1 star. First of all, there were some scenes were the main character was a bit whinny… Also, there was this thing about gods, which I did not understand, and I did not really get the point but maybe they will return in the sequel?! And lastly, there were like 4-5 (of 30ish) chapters written from other perspectives which felt a bit weird, since they would not tell you the perspective changed, and then it took me awhile to know who it was, or that it was someone else et all…


Advise for:

I would 100% recommend the audiobook! It was really enjoyable and, except for the perspective changes, not confusing at all!

But I would recommend it for romance lovers, who like some interesting twist in the normal world. So not a totally contemporary book!


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Which book that you’ve read had an interesting twist to the real world?

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