About me

Hi! I’m Evelyn 🙂

So I’m 22 year old Dutch student, who likes to spend all her spare money on books..
When I’m not busy with my Chemistry master (which I’m doing in Estonia), I like to read and buy books, watch YouTube videos about books, read blogs about books.. And I also like to watch Netflix and spend time with friends and family 🙂 I used to have my own garden with vegetables and fruits, which I found really relaxing but since I’m living abroad I cannot do this at the moment 🙁

I mainly read fantasy books (Middle grade, Young Adult, Adult) and all its subgenres!
I recently started to dip my toes into the sci-fi genre (If anyone knows anything good, let me know!). I also started to read one classic a month since the start of 2017, so I’ve read some of those as well 🙂 And now and then I like to read some cute romance in between of all those heavy fantasy books! I also planned to read more non-fiction, but so far that is not going great haha (but maybe in the future?!)

I prefer reading physical copies, but again since I’m living abroad at the moment this is a bit hard. Since I can not bring all the books back home with me. When I’m back, I’m planning on buying all the new favourite books I found as physical copies 🙂 (you know I’m really looking forward to this!)
So currently I do most of my reading on my e-reader (kobo glo). Which have as advantages that they are (most of the time) cheaper, and these are sometimes easier to take with me 🙂
I’m also using the local library quite a bit! (but they do not have many new releases in English..)
I also listen to A LOT of audiobooks, probably around 8 each month! I just listen all the time!

I’m really happy that in some way you have found my blog! I hope you enjoy reading my posts!