All the e-ARCs!

Today I thought I would show you all the books I have on my NetGalley and Edelweiss shelf! So the books I have been approved for but haven’t gotten around to yet! I got this idea from Sha @bookprincessreviews!

I mainly use NetGalley, but lately I’ve been using Edelweiss more as well, so I thought I would show you both! So first my NetGalley shelf:

  1. Longer – Michael Blumlein (May 28 2019).
  2. Red Dove, Listen to the wind – Sonia Antaki (October 15 2019).
  3. A hero born – Jin Yong (September 17 2019).
  4. The outside – Ada Hoffmann (June 18 2019).
  5. The perfect date – Evelyn Lozada & Holly Lorincz (June 11 2019).
  6. Friend of Fiction – Abby Cooper (October 8 2019).
  7. The last Tsar’s dragons (June 29 2019).
  8. The living god (May 21 2019).
  9. Bursts of Fire – Susan Forest (August 6 2019).
  10. Ever Alice – HJ Ramsay (August 1 2019).
  11. Becoming the dragon – Alex Sapegin (December 12 2017).
  12. The missing barbegazi – HS Norup (November 12 2019)

I think it is doable! 12 books, but the release dates are spreaded out between now and October, so I have enough time to read them all! And now for my Edelweiss shelf:

  1. Beasts of the frozen sun – Jill Criswell (August 6 2019)
  2. Bloody Seoul – Sonia Patel (July 2 2019)
  3. Supernova – Kass Morgan (October 1 2019)
  4. The bone houses – Emily Lloyd-Jones (September 24 2019)
  5. Throw like a Girl – Sarah Henning (January 7 2020)
  6. Orpheus girl – Brynne Rebele-Henry (October 8 2019)

I cannot believe I actually have an arc for 2020 already! That still feels so far away haha.

I’m excited to read them all, but I try to read them close to release date, so I have to hold my self for some of them haha!

Do you know any of these? How many books do you have on your NetGalley/Edelweiss shelf?

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  1. I also have Orpheus Girl, Friend or Fiction and Ever Alice on my Netgalley/Edelweiss+ shelves!! I hope we both enjoy them!!

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