All the things I read in March!

I know I read quite some shorter books this month, but that was to compensate for some of the beasts I read (Looking at you Priory and queen of air and darkness..)! My ratings were all over the place this month haha! But I’m actually quite happy with what I read this month, backlist, new releases and arcs, also long and short books, not sure about the male/female distribution, we will see that in my stats! So here they are:

Queen of sea and stars by Anna McKerrow. Rating: 2 stars!

I really loved the idea of this book, but unfortunately I did not work for me. You can see all my thoughts here!

In an absent dream by Seanan McGuire. Rating: 5 stars! (audio)

I absolutely loved this instalment in the series, maybe not my favourite but still amazing (it is my favourite cover though!). See my review here!

I hate fairyland vol. 4 by Skottie Young. Rating: 4 stars!

I’m so sad that this was the last one 🙁 This is such an enjoyable graphic novel series. It is a bit graphic sometimes, but if you don’t mind check it out!

Thick as thieves by Megan Whalen Turner. Rating: 2 stars!

I have to say, I’m happy that I’m done reading all of these now. I enjoyed buddy reading this series, but didn’t really enjoy the actual books we were reading.

Crime and punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Rating: 3 stars!

I liked that this one was quite different from the other classics I’ve read, but there were a bit to many unnecessary parts in my opinion. See my First impression post here!

The last magician by Lisa Maxwell. Rating: 5 stars! (audio)

NEW FAVOURITE! I loved this audiobook so much! It was just amazing, and I have to pick up the next one ASAP. See all my reasons for loving this here!

The darkest part of the forest by Holly Black. Rating: 4 stars!

I’m happy I finally picked up another Holly Black book! And also really pleased that I enjoyed it as much as I did! See my review here!

The slow regard of silent things by Patrick Rothfuss. Rating: 2 stars! (audio)

I absolutely love the name of the wind, and when starting this I knew it would be weird. So I was prepared for weirdness, but apparently that was not enough.

Queen of air and darkness by Cassandra Clare. Rating: 5 stars! (audio)

I LOVE IT. This was an amazing conclusion to the trilogy! I can’t wait for her next series to release. See my review here!

Smoke and key by Kelsey Sutton. Rating: 3 stars!

This was enjoyable, but I would have loved to have learned more about the world! See my thoughts here!

Goldie Vance vol. 2 by Hope Larson. Rating: 4 stars!

This graphic novel series is cute AF!

Royal assassin by Robin Hobb. Rating: 3.5 stars!

The  overall story was good but some parts were a bit boring and there was not a lot of action. You can see my First impression post soon!

Miracle Creek by Angie Kim. Rating: 4 stars!

I actually enjoyed this more than that I expected. I really enjoy a mystery once in a while! See my review here!

Goldie Vance vol. 3 by Hope Larson. Rating: 5 stars!

Even better than volume 2! I’m sad that the next volume is not on Scribd..

The gilded wolves by Roshani Choski. Rating: 4.5 stars! (audio)

I liked this way more than that I thought I would! Both the characters and the plot are really interesting! My review will be posted soon.

Mirage by Somaiya Daud. Rating: 1 stars!

I’m honestly really disappointed in this one. As good as nothing happened..  They were mainly just discussing life in the palace and things like that.

Warcross by Marie Lu. Rating: 4 stars! (audio)

I have no idea why I waited so long before reading this.. They world Marie Lu creates in this one is so original and fun! I can’t wait to read the sequel. Review is coming!

Daisy Jones and the six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Rating: 5 stars! (audio)

HOLY SHIT she did it again! This book was amazing, I was a bit hesitant to read this, because what can top Evelyn Hugo, well this was just as great, maybe better! Review is coming soon!

April fools by Jess Lourey. Rating: 3 stars!

The mystery part of this book was fun and interesting, but I didn’t read book 1-1, so I did not feel a connecting towards the characters, which took me a bit out of the story.

The priory of the orange tree by Samantha Shannon. Rating: 4.5 stars!

Since this book is so big it is a bit confusing at times. But boy did I love this! Review is coming really soon!

Fence vol 2 and 3 by CS Pascat. Rating: 4 stars!

I love this graphic novel series, and I hope there will be more volumes in the future!

Warrior of the wild by Tricia Levenseller. Rating: 4 stars! (audio)

This book was so action packed and enjoyable! I really liked it! Review will be posted!

The fever king by Victoria Lee. Rating:  I’m actually not finished yet..

I was hoping to be finished today, but I guess that’s not happening, but I will mention it here since I don’t want it in next month’s wrap up haha.. I will post a review about it though!

My favourite read of the month was definitely the Last magician! And least favourite was mirage..

What were your favourite and least favourite reads of the month?

14 Replies to “All the things I read in March!”

  1. I really covet your pie charts and organization!!! I’m joining the OWL readathon and I can only hope that I am as organized as this on the other side!

    1. Thanks! (I use canva in case you want to do it yourself ☺️)

      Evelynreads says:
  2. Looks like it was really good reading month for you! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Fever King! And I Rothfuss described Slow Regards as something like, “a book that’s not even a book” so I definitely get why people didn’t like it! And I REALLY want to give Daisy Jones a try. 🙂

    1. I’ve written my review! It’s coming in 1 week or something . Good description haha! And I definitely recommend daisy jones!

      Evelynreads says:
  3. Oh my lord, I am so stuck on Priory of the Orange Tree! I was so excited about it, but it’s a monster of a thing!

    1. I can understand haha! Honestly I read another book in between!

      Evelynreads says:
  4. Wow! That’s a lot of books… some really good pics on here as well. I really need to read Gilded Wolves and Priory.

  5. I’m reading Mirage at the minute. I’m kind of enjoying it but I am wondering where they’re actually going to go with the story…

  6. Right there with you on The Slow Regard of Silent Things! I’d known before I started that it was going to be different from the novels, but I just didn’t expect the style was going to be so different. Needless to say, it didn’t work too well for me either.

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