ARC review – The storm crow

Title: The storm crow.

Author: Kalyn Josephson.

Format: ARC from Fairyloot.

Publisher: SourcebooksFire.

Page count: 346.

Release day: July 9th 2019.

Genre: YA, fantasy.

Rating: 2 stars.

What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

In the tropical kingdom of Rhodaire, magical, elemental Crows are part of every aspect of life…until the Illucian empire invades, destroying everything.

That terrible night has thrown Princess Anthia into a deep depression. Her sister Caliza is busy running the kingdom after their mother’s death, but all Thia can do is think of all she has lost.

But when Caliza is forced to agree to a marriage between Thia and the crown prince of Illucia, Thia is finally spurred into action. And after stumbling upon a hidden Crow egg in the rubble of a rookery, she and her sister devise a dangerous plan to hatch the egg in secret and get back what was taken from them.

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My thoughts:

To be honest, I thought this book was a bit boring.. I feel like most of the book, almost nothing happened, and all the action scene’s were really short. And not that exciting.

The prologue was the best part in my opinion, it immediately dragged me into the story, and set my expectations high. Unfortunately the rest of the book did not live up to it.

I really liked the concept of this book, with the crows, and the bonds between the crows and the humans.

So the prologue, the concept and the cover are the reason for giving it 2 stars.

Reasons for not giving it higher:

  • The story was very typical for a YA story. An empire destroys the magic of a kingdom, and tries to take it over. And the main character has to save it. To this she has to go to this ‘bad empire’, and unfortunately has to spend time with the son of the leader of this empire.
  • As I already mentioned, in my opinion this book was kinda boring. I felt like most of the book was talking. And all the ‘difficulties’ were fixed really easily.
  • I did not care at all for the characters. I prefer plot driven books over character driven books, but I still like to feel something for the characters. But I just didn’t; really care what would happen to them.

This book did read really fast though, partly because the font was quite big. I guess this book was just not for me, and I will not continue in this series.

I was reading this at the same time as listening to the audiobook of crown of feathers, and they are quite similar, or at least the concept is. And tbh if this concept sounds interesting to you, I would say check out crown of feathers!

Happy reading!

10 Replies to “ARC review – The storm crow”

  1. Well, that’s a shame, but thanks for such a well thought out and honest review. I’ve not read it but I was kind of sitting on the fence and it’s nice to have a well rounded opinion before making any decisions.Lynn 😀

  2. Ooof, i’m torn about this one because on one hand, I really like the sound of magical crows, but I’m not too enthused about the “typical YA fantasy bit.” And I’m 100% a character-driven reader, so yeah…this may not work for me. But awesome review!!

  3. I think this is the first negative review I’ve heard of this book, which is great. I love hearing from people who didn’t enjoy books I’ve heard hyped. Makes it feel like a more rounded perspective. Sounds like the cliche YA plot strikes again, which is a shame. I’m still interested in reading this, but maybe I’ll lower my expectations just a teensy bit. 😉 Great review!

    1. Same! Negative reviews sometimes give a better idea of the book haha! Even to see that this book will indeed be something for you, if you do like the parts the reviewer doesnt!

      Evelynreads says:
    1. Yes 🙁 But I guess there is nothing we can do against it

      Evelynreads says:

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