Book buying ban update!

As I mentioned in this post, I planned on buying barely any books in March and April. I had some exceptions made, but didn’t plan to buy anything else. So I wanted to update on this! It went different then that I expected, but I’m definitely happy with how it went! So for the exceptions I made:

  • Chinese Harry Potter – I bought this! And definitely did not read it haha
  • Priory of the orange tree – I bought and read this!
  • I put Children of virtue and vengeance on this list since back then it was a bit unclear to me what the release date was. But it has not released yet. So I guess I did well and did not buy this?!
  • Sequels to books I read – I did not do this at all! (Well kinda, I will explain in a sec)

If we look at this I would say I did this pretty well. But what I did not mention is that I also preordered two books..

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  • Finale – I did not mention this in sequels, because I don’t have it yet?! I also won’t have it until the end of June, because I’m an idiot and filled in my PARENTS address instead of mine.. and I won’t be there until end of June. So there go all the advantages of preordering.. (I guess it’s the universe telling me I shouldn’t have broken my rule..)
  • Aurora rising – Like how could I not have preordered this.. I actually don’t feel guilty about this at all. Except that I preordered it from the US so that I would get the extra Illuminae story, so shipping is ridiculous. But I just needed that extra Illuminae story..

But all in all I’m happy with how it went! I actually want to continue this, I feel pretty great about finally getting to my ebooks, and using the library!

I do have to admit that my online shopping cart is currently filled with e-books that I really want to read.. And I might just buy them in a weak moment haha..

Do you ever stop yourself from buying as many books as you would like?

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  1. That is really great for a book buying ban, they never work for me. When I want to slow down I do a read 5, buy 1 and that helps me read quicker because I want to get a book and it allows me to buy books here and there.

    1. Ooh that is also a good option!
      (I have to admit I bought like 7 books this week )

      Evelynreads says:
    1. Back home I just to have that problem! ‘Oh I haven’t bought books for 2 weeks, let’s reward myself with 5 new ones’..

      Evelynreads says:
  2. This is actually something I am diligently trying to work on. My book buying binges can be catastrophic! I feel like I’ve done a decent enough job so far this year, not the best, but better than I have in the past. Do you struggle with it too? Or do you find it fairly easy to restrain from buying books that you want?

    1. Right now it’s pretty easy, since I’m living abroad and have to think about how I will be taking the books back home in the airplane (not!). But before I often went online to buy one book and ‘accidentally’ bought 10 hahah I’m a bit afraid for this summer since I will be at home ahha

      Evelynreads says:
  3. I do this all the time! I have a general rule of if it doesn’t fit, I can’t buy it. My top two shelves are dedicated to my TBR, and if they’re full, I have to read enough because I can buy more. It’s so hard! I feel you on that having books in my cart currently, too!

    Mary Drover says:
    1. Oooh that’s a good one! Forces you to read your own books ahah! Always books in my cart :p

      Evelynreads says:
  4. I’m trying watch my book spending this year too! Luckily I have access to an amazing library so that helps ❤❤

    Robin says:

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