Books I read in January!

I have had a quite nice start of this new reading year 🙂 I mainly read 3-5 star reads, and I also read quite a lot, maybe because I had not that much planned this month. I had 1 exam, and 5 days of winter school in which I read a whole chapter.. Which means I read a lot the rest of the month haha

For some reason I’m a bit behind in reviews? Even though I post 2 reviews every week? I think it is because of all the end of the year posts, so I missed some days? But they will come soon, I did write them!

Let’s start with the stats!

So me trying to read more 50/50 male/female authors was not really working this month.. I do really like that I read an almost equal amount of physical, ebook and audiobooks this month!

The long books was also not that great this month.. oops, another try next month. At least half of my ratings was 4+ 🙂 Forget that that means the other half was lower haha..

The thief by Megan Whalen Turner. Rating: 3 stars!

I’m buddy reading this book with some people on Instagram, and I’m really liking the buddyread. The book was not so exciting though.. You can read all my thoughts here!

An enchantment of ravens by Margaret Rogerson. Rating: 3 stars! (audio)

I was not planning on reading this book at all, but then I saw the audiobook on Scribd and just decided to listen. And it was mediocre. But I’m interested in other books she will write.

The caged queen by Kristen Ciccarelli. Rating: 4 stars!

This is the sequel to The last Namsara, and I loved it! There were not really dragons in this one though! But the politics and all were really good! My review will be posted in 3 days!

Children of the whales vol.4 by Abi Umeda. Rating: 4 stars!

I love this manga series, don’t really know what to say about it haha. If you read manga definitely try out this one!

Muse of nightmares by Laini Taylor. Rating: 5 stars!

After reading Strange the dreamer at the end of last year, I just had to read this one ASAP! And I absolutely loved this one as well!

The wise man’s fear by Patrick Rothfuss. Rating: 5 stars! (audio)

Same story, I just needed to continue after finishing the name of the wind! I have to say that I liked book one a bit better, and this one felt a little bit too long. But I guess I’m now joining the many people waiting for book 3!

A curse so dark and lonely by Brigid Kemmerer. Rating: 2 stars!

So unpopular opinion here. I really liked the idea of the retelling, but it was just a bit boring and way too long in my opinion.. Full review here!

The girl of ink and stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. Rating: 3 stars!

This was a nice middle grade. It was nice to read this easy book while I was studying for my last exam 🙂 Review will be posted next week!

The darkest legacy by Alexandra Bracken. Rating: 3,5 stars!

It was nice to be back in this world, read from Zu’s perspective and learn what was happening after the original ending! In my first impression post here you can read more!

Two can keep a secret by Karen M McManus. Rating: 4 stars! (audio)

I enjoyed her first book, but this book was so much better! If you didn’t like one of us is lying, please still check this one out! And I definitely recommend the audiobook!

The queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner. Rating: 3 stars!

Again, for the buddyread. I had hopes that this book would be better but to be honest it was still a bit disappointing.. I still have hope though and will definitely continue this series. My review will be posted soon!

Paper princess by Erin watt. Rating: 3 stars!

I randomly picked this up at the library even though it is quite outside my normal reading. But I was quite pleasantly surprised! Will probably read the sequel soon! Again review will be posted soon!

Nyxia unleashed by Scott Reintgen. Rating: 3.5 stars! (audio)

I really liked book one, so decided to continue on quickly 🙂 Still enjoyed this one, but I missed the competition setting from book one. But it was nice to be in a different setting. Review coming soon!

The wicked king by Holly Black. Rating: 5 stars!

Obviously had to read this one, just like everyone else! I loved it, but I think the beginning was a bit too slow! Again, review is coming!

Every heart a doorway by Seanon McGuire. Rating: 5 stars! (audio)

I felt like rereading the series before reading book 4. Also I love this series, so I wanted to try out the audiobook! And loved it just as much this time around.

Giant days vol. 7 by John Allison. Rating: 5 stars!

Randomly started reading this on scribd while traveling, absolutely loved it. Just as all previous volumes 🙂

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. Rating: 4.5 stars! (Audio)

I loved being back in this world and learning about these ‘new’ characters! I loved how you can see that Cassandra Clare has developed over time! Once again, review coming soon!

Far from the madding crowd by Thomas Hardy. Rating: 4 stars!

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this book! It was more fast-paced then I had expected and I loved his writing, will definitely read more from him! This one will be featured in my coming First impression Friday post!

Elsewhere, home by Laila Aboulela. Rating: 3 stars!

This was an interesting short story collection about people moving from Egypt to England and their experiences! Thanks to NetGalley for providing this arc. Review coming soon!

Come talk to me!

What was your favourite read of the month?

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