Books I will (probably) never read tag

I feel like doing a tag, so here we are! This tag was originated by littlespider9 on booktube! I typed this before I was tagged, but I was actually tagged yesterday by @fictionnochaser. (I don’t know if linking back to her works on my phone, but otherwise I will do it later!)

A really hyped book you’re not interested in reading?

Okay I have a hard time thinking about any. Most of the time I am actually interested in hyped books within fantasy/ sci-fie genre, it just takes me forever to actually read them haha. Some outside of my ‘go-to’ genres that I can think of are The girl with the dragon tattoo and the hating game.

A series you won’t start/ won’t be finishing?

I read Shatter me yearsss ago.. and have no intention at all in continuing the series. I barely remember anything from it, I think the only things I know is because I saw things about it on the internet.

A classic that you’re not interested in?

Les miserables! The only reason why I’m considering to read this is that I want to have the penguin clothbound edition. And I have mind this ‘unspoken rule’ with myself that I’m only allowed to buy those when I’m actually about to read them or have already read them. Sooo maybe at some point I will just spurge and buy it (and just not read it).

Any genres you never read?

Thriller and horror, I would just not enjoy myself at all while reading it! I also don’t like to read erotica (if that is a genre), I don’t mind some sexy times in books, but books only dedicated to sexy times, I don’t really enjoy.

A book on your shelves you’ll probably never actually read?

I own 7 Harry Potter books in languages that I don’t speak (Gallic, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian). So obviously I most probably won’t ever read those.

I also have a bind up of F. Scott Fitzgerald works, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the great Gatsby so probably won’t end up reading the rest of those.

What book would you probably never read?

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