Bookshelf tour!

Now that I’m back home for a bit I thought it was a good moment to give a tour of my bookshelves!

At some point there was some kind of organisation, right now it is just how it fits.. I need a new shelf, but I won’t buy one until I live on my own. Which definitely won’t be for another year, since my other year of studying abroad!

But let’s start with an overview! Just a warning beforehand, lighting and angles might be weird, but my room is a bit tiny, so some parts were almost impossible..

I did my best

I was unable to take a good overview of the smaller shelf.. So I guess you just have to deal with smaller photos later on! I do also have this other random shelf:

These are mainly Dutch books (yes there are pirate ships on top!)

So now I will just show some close up photo’s and try to explain what is going on, in case I know myself. I will start with the big bookshelf.

So on top of my shelf there are my Funko pop boxes, for some reason I can just not throw them away.. Besides are my Miss peregrine, shadow and bone and Harry potter boxsets.

On the first actual shelf only the standard size paperbacks fit, so that’s why I have the two stacks, they just don’t fit otherwise or anywhere else. Behind the mask there is the Caraval trilogy and The bear and the nightingale. On the right stack, the book you can’t see because of the glare is The darkest minds, I do also own book 2 and 3, but my friend has them, I also don’t where to leave them when I get them back..

These two started of as my favourites, which most of them are, but there are some random additions. My favourite part has to be my VE Schwab collection, I can’t wait to add the near witch, and I would have loved it if the archived and the unbound would also match.. A map of days is a bit random here, I really did enjoy it, but would prefer if it could be next to book 1-3. Same story for the girl in the tower (behind the rhino statue).

I also really like my little Leigh Bardugo part, but it’s sad that the shadow and bone trilogy doesn’t fit here! (again only normal sized paperback fit here). Also I only realize now that Dobby is lying on its back, should have fixed that!

I absolutely love my classic shelf! I can’t wait until I have more and can actually make a proper rainbow!

And then finally my hardback shelf, which contain a lot of my favourites! I’m a bit worried about books that soon have to be added to this shelf though.. (DARKDAWN).

Ooh this angle.. I’m sorry but better was impossible..

I started with putting my graphic novels here, and from there on it is just random books.. Some of them being books I liked less, others are just unfortunate being on the bottom..

I’m pretty sure you can’t really see, some graphic novels: lumberjanes, saga, giant days, I hate fairyland, Archie. Books I didn’t really like here: storm crow, state of sorrow, And I darken. Books that are just unfortunate: challenger deep, Night school, poison study.

Now time for the smaller shelf:

On top a fairloot box and a pouch containing some bookstagram prompts. Then on the first shelf my children classics, which I love to get more from! And then the start of my Harry Potter collection!

And then the rest.. So it starts with all the illustrated editions. And then my Harry Potter and the philosophers stone in foreign languages collection starts! Here you have the: Lithuanian, Chinese, Dutch (not really foreign..), Estonian, Ukranian, Danish, Russian, Italian, Gallic and Portugese editions!

Then my SJ Maas Shelf <3 I’m really excited for House of Earth and Blood, but ITS NOT GOING TO FIT! This shelf has been exactly the same for quite a while, but then nothing really can be changed here ahah

And then we go into the most random shelf, I really don’t think there was any thought behind this. Just it doesn’t fit anywhere else, so let’s put it here!

My manga shelf is also a bit worrisome, I want more, but there really is not space.. All the non bookish stuff here is here because it needed to go somewhere!

And lastly another random shelf, also contains some computer games.

I guess these kinda speak for themselves, 90% Dutch, but I think most of them you would be able to figure out. There are also some Dutch children books. And the English books on here might be donated soon!

I hope you enjoyed my shelves! I know they are kinda a mess, but I love them!

Have a good day!

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    1. Hahah, sorry I didn’t include them, maybe next time 😉

      Evelynreads says:
  1. I love bookshelf tours ❤ Great pictures 🙂 (and I don’t throw away funko boxes either!)

  2. Very nice! I always love seeing other people’s bookshelves. I need to get more bookshelves so that I can get some books off the floor.

  3. I loved looking at your shelves! I very much enjoyed your classic shelf. I am a bit jealous of those cloth bound editions! Also, I am excited for the next illustrated edition of the Harry Potter series, they are so beautiful.

    1. Thanks! Yes those classics are my priced possession hahah
      And the illustrated Harry Potter are gorgeous !

      Evelynreads says:

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