Bookshelf tour!

I thought, since I talk about books on here, maybe it would be nice to do some kind of bookshelf tour! I will give you an overview and then close ups from the shelves!

I do not really have a specific organization; it’s just how it fits! I do put the same authors together, and my unread books are together.

So I’m really well prepared and forgot to take an overview picture.. I do have one but in the close up pictures it will be a little bit different! Also my room is too small to make a good overview, so this is all you will get haha.

So yeah this is it! Don’t really know what to say about it, enjoy the view?!

So most logical would be going from bottom to top?!
So this is what is on top of my shelves:

So it just contains some random stuff, a cactus, some subscription boxes and my Harry Potter boxset (which did not want to stay open for the picture #rude, but  guess we all know what those look like!)

Since I have two bookshelves with not the same amount of shelves I will first do the left shelf top to bottom and then the right Bookshelf!
So first shelf:

This shelf is quite small (in height) so only normal paperbacks fit, there is not really a reason for them being here, it just fitted. It also contains perfume from @behindthepages and a hippopotamus.
Next shelf:

This one could fit a bit taller books, so it contains my large paperbacks and small hardcovers, and also some smaller paperback which did not fit on the first shelf. It also contains my bookmarks, a funko pop (I think this one is my fave), tea which I got in a fairyloot box from riddle shoppe, two lipstuff from @behindthepages, and a soap which I got in a OwlCrate (unfortunately I can’t remember the shop..).
Next up is my Harry Potter shelf:

So here are my Illustrated editions, My history of magic, those other extra books, and the Dutch, Irish and Portugese edition of the first book. Besides books it has a fancy bookmark, 3 candles, again perfume, every flavour bean, chocolate frog, pencils from OwlCrate and a Harry and Newt Funko Pop.
The next shelf is being considered as one of my favourites, it definitely contains the most beautiful books:

So this is my classic shelf, which mainly consists of puffin classics, and penguin clothbound edition but also has some random other beautiful editions. As you can see  really tried to show off the stuff on my shelf.. But there is a prince charming candle, random perfume from Magnus Bane, Soap and a Mug! Also a jar in which I put all my unread books, but I do not really use it haha..
Next is my hardcover shelf:

Yes the dust-jacket from a crown of wishes is obviously empty, I was reading it when taking this picture 🙂
This shelf has my beautiful cactus on it, a hinterland candle, and cruel prince lip balsem. Also a picture of my friends, but decided not to show that haha
And then my TBR shelf (which is not to bad):

Besides unread books it has a Cruel prince candle, to turtle thingies, No muggles aloud signed, and a book sleeve!
Last shelf of this Bookshelf:

I do really have picture taking skils..
It contains mostly Dutch books, cookbooks, picture books, Harry Potter movies and books that d not fit anywhere else 🙂

First of second shelf:

Since these shelves are smaller I decided to fill them with books of the same author, the first one is filled with VE Schwab books ❤ And it also has a Kell perfume and Antari candle from @bookandnook.

Next author shelf is Leigh Bardugo:

Okay so it also contains the Batman book from the DC icons series, because I did not know where else to put it! It also has a Ariel Funko and two @behindthepages perfume, bibliophile and brimstone’s shop, because logic ?!

And than we have my exploding Sarah J Maas shelf!

Soo this only just fits hahah, so I have to change something when she comes with another book, well I do think  Kingdom of Ash will fit. It also has 4 perfumes and 1 soap from @behindthepages and 3 candles from @bookandnook.

And than my graphic novels!!

It also has two colorbooks and my Amazing Luna Lovegood Funko and Ron Weasley Funko!

Next one:

Soo this is just a random collection of books haha, no reason at all why these are together, probably just because they did not fit anywhere else

Aaaand the last one! Which is 100% not the shelf to be the most enthusiastic about haha

So from all the crooked saints till one of us is lying are books I don’t really care about. Then other books, I d not really remember, but I remember liking them so they are here haha. And there is a random empty Funko pop box.

So that is it, these are all my books! But lets be honest, it already changed a bit since I took these pictures last week.. Some books are now read, some extra books are added!


Come talk to me!

Do you have an organized bookshelf, or is it just how it fits/how it looks good?

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  1. OMG I am in love with your classics’ covers!!! I saw a few that looked like those in Waterstones Regent Street but I was too busy to go in and buy them… big mistake…

    1. Me too! <3
      Luckily they sell those books in many stores! I'm slowly trying to collect them all, unfortunately they are not cheap 🙁

      Evelynreads says:
  2. I love how you have so many author collections grouped together! YAY for a full Schwab shelf! I do have one but her books don’t all quite fit so I have them stacked on top of each other and it’s not the *prettiest* but she would write so many books. Also eep I spy The Raven Cycle! And your classic collections are just GORGEOUS.
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    Cait @ Paper Fury says:
    1. Thanks! 🙂

      Yes she does, but I prefer her publishing more books over fitting in one shelf hahah

      Haha it does not surprise me AT ALL, that you look for the raven cycle on someones shelf 😉

      Evelynreads says:

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