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Title: Semper augustus

Author: Mackenzi Lee

Genre: YA, historical fiction

Release date: 2019


Okay the summary from GoodReads is really really short, and does not say much. But this is what we’re dealing with here:

Set in 1637 Holland at the height of the Dutch tulip mania, a flower girl in love with her mistress must decide whether or not to dupe her beloved’s father by selling him a false Semper Augustus bulb, the most valuable tulip of its time, in order to save herself and her brother.

Why I’m excited:

Okay so, 1 it’s written by Mackenzi Lee, 2 it takes place in Holland, 3 its historical fiction.

That’s it, haha. I really enjoyed the gentleman’s guide, was less fan of the Lady’s guide, but still her writing is great! I’m really interested to read about Holland from some non-Dutch perspective (assuming she never lived there). And lately I feel like reading historical fiction.

The ONLY bad thing, there is no exact release date..



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