Nyxia uprising – the conclusion!

Title: Nyxia uprising. Author: Scott Reintgen. Format: Audiobook. Publisher: Crown books for young readers. Page count: 368. Release day: 16 April 2019. Genre: YA, science-fiction. … Continue reading..Nyxia uprising – the conclusion!

The devil’s thief! (review)

Title: The devil’s thief. Author: Lisa Maxwell. Format: Audiobook. Publisher: Simon Pulse. Page count: 704. Release day: October 9th 2018. Genre: YA, fantasy, historical. Rating: … Continue reading..The devil’s thief! (review)

Recreated – Colleen Houck (review)

Title: Recreated. Author: Colleen Houck. Format: E-book. Publisher:  Delacorte Press. Page count: 436. Release day: August 2nd 2016 Genre: YA, fantasy, mythology, romance. Series: reawakened … Continue reading..Recreated – Colleen Houck (review)

The dreadful tale of Prosper Redding

Title: The dreadful tale of Prosper Redding. Author: Alexandra Bracken. Format: E-book. Publisher: Disney-Hyperion. Page count: 362. Release day: September 5th 2017. Genre: MG, fantasy. … Continue reading..The dreadful tale of Prosper Redding

Two short audiobook reviews!

I recently listened to two short audiobooks, and don’t have enough to say about them to make a whole review about them. So I thought … Continue reading..Two short audiobook reviews!