Soul of the sword – Amazing sequel!

Title: Soul of the sword. Author: Julie Kagawa. Format: Hardcover. Publisher: Inkyard press. Page count: 425. Release day: June 25th 2019. Genre: YA, fantasy, mythology. … Continue reading..Soul of the sword – Amazing sequel!

Alchemists of Loom – Audiobook review!

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ARC review – The storm crow

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Seafire – audiobook review

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The Poet X – audiobook review

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Renegades – review!

Title: Renegades. Author: Marissa Meyer. Format: Paperback. Publisher: Rampion books. Page count: 552. Release day: November 7th 2017. Genre: YA, fantasy, science-fiction. Rating: 2.5 stars. … Continue reading..Renegades – review!

Undead girl gang (audiobook review!)

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