December reading plans!

It is already time for the last month of the year.. So let’s make it a good one!

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Okay so I know my plans are quite ambitious.. Especially if you think about the fact that I have 2 weeks of exams right before Christmas break πŸ™ So I guess I need to prioritize that!

But I will try and read these books:


  • Dracula – Classic of this month! I know I should have read this one in October.. But yeah better late than never.
  • Vengeful – I wanted to read this in November, but time went by too quickly, and I didn’t have the time πŸ™ So I’m going to try again in December πŸ™‚
  • The name of the wind – Yes I’m finally planning on doing this! I want to know where all the hype is about!
  • Strange the dreamer – Another one where I really want to learn about the hype! Also I have this book on my ereader, and since I’m traveling home to my parents for christmas, it will be nice to have an ebook for the airplane πŸ™‚
  • Reawakened – Just because I went to πŸ™‚
  • Harmonies of war – Got this book from the publisher a while back, so I really want to read it! πŸ™‚
  • The word of the world is forest – Another, Just because I want to!
  • The bands of mourning – I would really like to be up to date with this series πŸ™‚
  • Nyxia – If I read all the above mentioned books, this will be the last physical unread book I own, would be really great to have that done! (But to be honest, I will probably buy new books..)
@Evelynreads on Instagram. Another not relevant photo, but another one I like πŸ™‚

Come talk to me!

What is on your December TBR?

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  1. I need to get to Vengeful at some point too, I adored Vicious! The Name of the Wind is one of my favourite fantasy books, I hope you adore it. Good luck with your TBR!! πŸ™‚

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