DNF review – The outside

Title: The outside.

Author: Ada Hoffman.

Format: E-arc.

Publisher: Angry robot.

Page count: 352.

Release day: June 11th 2019.

Genre: Science-fiction.

Rating: DNF

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What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

The Pride of Jai was supposed to be humanity’s greatest accomplishment—a space station made entirely by humans and their primitive computers, without “divine” cyber-technology provided by the sentient quantum supercomputers worshipped as Gods. And it was supposed to be a personal triumph for its young lead scientist, physicist Yasira Shien, whose innovative mathematics was key to the reactor powering it.

But something goes wrong in Yasira’s reactor, leading to an unexplained singularity that destroys The Pride of Jai and most of the people on it—and placing Yasira in the sights of angry Angels, the cyborg servants of the Gods.

According to the angels, Yasira’s reactor malfunction was the latest in a rising tide of disasters, intentionally caused to exploit vulnerabilities in the very pattern of spacetime and usher in horrific beings from beyond reality itself. They believe that the woman behind the disasters is Yasira’s long-vanished mentor, Dr Evianna Talirr—and they believe that Yasira, Dr Talirr’s favorite student, is the only one who can help them find her.

Spirited off to the edge of the galaxy and with her whole planet’s fate, and more, hanging in the balance, Yasira must decide who to trust: the ruthless angels she was always taught to obey without question—or the heretic scientist whose plans could change everything she knows to be true about reality.

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My thoughts:

I was really excited for this book, since lately I’m really enjoying science-fiction. Unfortunately this one was not for me. I DNF’ed it after 150 pages (45%).

Right form the start I was really confused about where this book took place. After awhile I realized it was not on earth, but where there spaceship was? I could not tell.

After a while things started happening, of course, which was kind of exciting! I still didn’t really understand, but I think that was kind of the point, since the characters also did not know. So I did not mind that too much.

But then the not understanding continued, and nothing was explained, and there were a lot of characters introduced, without a clear explanation about how they fitted into the story. I also did not care at all for any of the characters..

So me not caring about the characters and being really confused ended up in DNF’ing the book.

I do think the writing was really good. And I’m sure this book will be perfect for some people out there, it was just not for me..

Happy reading!

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