Favourite fantasies!

So let’s talk about my favourite books in my favourite genre: FANTASY!

Fantasy is 100% my favourite genre, with all its subgenres. So I made it hard for myself and thought of my top 10 favourite fantasy books, this is not in order, and for most of them I mean the whole series!

Well there you have it, those are my favourite fantasies! But if you wantto know more in depth, read below!


So first of all, obviously, Harry Potter!

I’ve loved this series for soo long! I don’t remember when I started reading this but it would be around the release of the last book, since I did not have to wait for any of the books.

I first read them in Dutch, since I could not read English when I was younger, and I remember us being on vacation in the Netherlands and I only brought the fifth book with my since we thought that would be enough for one week. And then in the middle of the week we needed to buy the next one since I had finished it already haha.

I’ve since then read the Dutch and English version multiple times, I own my own set of English books now and also the illustrated edition + Portuguese and Irish edition of the first book haha (I want to collect other country version!)


Falling kingdoms

So far I’ve only read the first 4 books in this series, and I’m about to start book 5. And I love this series so much! Especially Magnus and Cleo!

I personally should not compare this to the Game of thrones series. Yes you do have a lot of countries/families fighting each other and everyone betraying everyone, but that is the only similar thing I could find.

And it is just really awesome!



This is one series that I would consider in my top 3! Brandon Sanderson is so good in building a world, writing characters, and finding an original magic system!

This is the only series that I’ve read so far from him, and then only the first trilogy I’ve not yet started the next series in this world even though I can’t wait to dive into that.

After reading one of Sanderson’s books I just need some time to recover, otherwise I probably already would have read more of his work!

Also I’ve written a review for this trilogy which you can read here!


Six of crows

This is another one that I would consider in my top 3!

Leigh Bardugo’s characters, Kaz Brekker, Inej, Nina, do I need to say more?

This world (so also the shadow and bone trilogy) is so well developed, I love the magic system!

Also this duology is so well thought of, all the plot twists were unexpected to me, it was just so amazing, and I really want to reread this soon!

I can’t wait for the Nikolai duology next year, he was not my favourite character but I just need more of this world and Leigh Bardugo’s writing!


A darker shade of magic

And this is the last one I would consider in my top 3! (do not know the order though).

I feel like I am repeating myself, but also VE Schwab is such an amazing world builder and character writer! I love Kell, lila and Rhy <3

This is another one that is so well thought of, all the books have there own story that goes over into each other really well!

I also just love VE Schwab’s writing style! I have read almost all of her books by now, except for vicious (Currently waiting for the new edition to arrive!).


The wicked deep

I recently reviewed this, which you can find here!

This book was so unexpectedly good! I thought I would like this but not love this! I don’t know what I expected from this book, I only knew it had to do with witches, and I don’t think you need to know more than that.

I loved this soo much, the writing style was absolutely beautiful, characters were really well developed and I felt really invested in the story. Also the plot twists were really good. I did not saw them coming at all, which is what I really like in a book!


Every heart a doorway

These books are wayyyy too short for my liking!

Even though the books are so short, the story is really well developed and it does not feel like the story is shortened or something, it is like everything just fits into those 200 pages.

I would love them to be longer just so I could enjoy the story longer!

So far there are three books in this series, and they are linked with each other, but they follow different characters and different kind of stories which I think was really well done!

Also the cover for an absent dream (book 4 in this story) was recently released and it is all I ever wanted, I think I like that cover the best of all (all even them are really beautiful though).


Children of blood and bone

Okay so everyone is currently raving about this book, but it is just sooo good!

The world building is amazing, the characters are soo well written, the magic system is really cool, I loved the love part of this book!

And I really cannot wait for the sequel next year (☹)!

Also Tomi Adeyemi is hilarious on Instagram!


The raven cycle

I’m not sure if this actually considered fantasy, but I just had to mention this amazing series! It is probably more magical realism or something, let’s just say it is the real world with fantastical elements.

I’m in love with everyone in this book, the raven boys (especially Adam ), Blue, everyone from 300 foxway <3

Also I just thought the story was so original! I’m planning to listen to the audio books soon, because I really want to dive back into this world!


Throne of glass

This is probably the only series of which I did not love all the books! In fact, I really disliked book 3 and 4!

After really loving book 1 & 2 I decided to buy book 3, 4 and 5, which I normally never do, I only buy the next one in the series. But after I read book 3 I really did not want to continue but since I already owned the next book I decided to read it, so book 4 I disliked as well. Then I decided to read book 5 and then be done with the series, but I LOVED book 5, so now I have also read book 6, which I also really adored. And I can’t wait for the 1000 page Kingdom of Ash <3

But why I love this book: MANON, Dorian, Aedion!

I’m not the biggest fan of the main character (not going to try and spell her name haha).

I also really like this world, one of the biggest reason that I got through book 3 and 4!


Come talk to me!

What are your favourite fantasies?

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