First Impression Friday (19 October)

This meme was created by Joe from JW Martin – Storeys of stories!

The rules (they are inspired by Shanah from Bionic Book Worm’s version!):

  • Read first chapter (or chapters if they are short)
  • Give my ‘first impression’
  • Predict my rating
  • After finishing it, compare the results 🙂 (If I started a book but not finished it yet, it will be included in the next post).


    The phoenix empress – K Arsenault Rivera:

(I read most of this before the previous post)

First impressions:

I like that it takes of where the epilogue ended of book 1! And she used the storytelling writing style again, which I enjoyed from book 1. I think I will give this book 4 stars as well!

After reading:

This was a really disappointing read.. It was quite different from the first book, and the story was not as interesting anymore. I did not like the characters anymore and did not really care what happened to them.. I ended up giving this book 2 stars.. And will probably not continue this series.

City of ghosts – Victoria Schwab:

First impressions:

So Victoria Schwab is one of my favourite authors, so I already have high hopes when starting this book. After two chapters I do already notice that this book is different from her other works, but it is of course a middle grade novel. But nevertheless  I predict I will give this book 5 stars!

After reading:

Another kinda disappointing read.. It is not that this book was bad and I knew it would not be the same as her other works, since this is middle grade. But I think this book could have been more. Also it was a bit too similar to the archived if you ask me, so it could have been a bit more original. But then I did read it at a busy time, and this was exactly the light read I needed, so I still ended up giving it 3 stars.


The hidden oracle – Rick Riordan:

First impressions:

Ooh I love Rick Riordan’s writing and this already sounds sarcastic as hell! And if there is one thing I love in books it is sarcasm, and he can do it so well! So far I think I will really love it! Maybe 4.5/5 stars? 🙂

After reading:

Wow I think this is my favourite Rick Riordan series! It’s darker than the others, and I think his writing has really developed! Also it really funny, and I like how he has woven LGBT into the story, and just makes it like a normal thing (Which it of course is). I gave this 5 stars!

Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan:

First impressions:

I actually never read the back of this book, but I saw the movie trailer and it looked really funny so I decided to pick up the book. The prologue and the first chapter are a bit different  than what I had expected after seeing the trailer, but based on both I think I will give this book 4 stars. It looks like a funny and enjoyable read, and I like me some funny books.

After reading:

What a disappointment.. I hoped for an fluffy and easy read, but this book was so confusing and took me relatively long to read.. There were so many characters, and could not remember their relations, there were also lots of details I did not care about, and skipped over. I ended up giving this book 2 stars. I’m still going to watch the movie though!


The silver mask – Holly Black and Cassandra Clare:

First impressions:

I really enjoy the start of this (audio)book! It is a bit different from the others, which is good! But since I had some problems with the main character in the previous book I will say I give this 3/3.5 stars!

After reading:

This was actually better than that I had expected! It had some different settings which made the story more interesting! I still got a little bit annoyed by the main character, but I liked that he (and other characters) made some choices that I did not see coming! I ended up giving this book 4 stars! Really looking forward for the 5th book to go up on my audiobook app!


The revolution of Jack Frost – KM Robinson:

First impressions:

Wtf this beginning is so weird and confusing. You get thrown into a story, the book talks about fifteen different characters, and you have no idea who is who and what they are doing in the story. If the book stays like this I will probably give it 2 stars..

After reading:

The book did change, and after a couple of chapters I understood the world, and it was definitely interesting. There were still quite a lot of unnecessary characters in my opinion. There were still quite some flaws to this book, for example the characters were figuring stuff out way to quickly. I could not figure out the main character, at one point she was really smart, and the next she was this innocent girl.. I ended up giving it 2.5 stars.


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