First Impression Friday – Crime and punishment

This meme was created by Joe from JW Martin – Storeys of stories!

The rules:

  • Read first chapter (or chapters if they are short)
  • Give my ‘first impression’
  • Predict my rating
  • After finishing it, compare the results 🙂

So this time I decided to go with Crime and Punishment, another classic! I wanted to change my classic game a bit by reading from an author that is not from Britain! It also interested me since this would be a different setting then that most classics take place in 🙂

Except this taking place in Russia, I had no knowledge at all about the book. I mainly started reading this on recommendation from my roommate!

Title: Crime and punishment

Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Format: Ebook

Genre: Russian literature

First impressions (4 chapters):

The story hasn’t really started yet so far. Mainly just character introduction, which has been difficult because RUSSIAN NAMES..?! I’m kinda afraid that this will form a problem for me.. I don’t really like it when I cannot pronounce the character’s name (or at least some kind of pronunciation, doesn’t have to be correct). Tbh I don’t even know how to pronounce the authors name haha, but we will see. So far I’m really liking the writing! Like all classics this is a bit slow, but what did I expect. I will predict a 3 star rating.

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Final thoughts:

I really liked the overall story, but there were definitely some parts that felt to long or unnecessary. So I ended up rating this book 3 stars! I’m interested in reading more of his work 🙂

Okay so the names definitely ended up being a difficult factor. I think me being unable to pronounce and remember the names made me less connected to them, and made the story really confusing. At some point the main character became R-guy, I honestly cannot tell you his full name after this 700 page book .. (Rashnisomethnig..?!) which I feel quite bad about!! But the real problem was that his good friend’s name also started with an R, so I got really confused at times about how a character got at a place, and then realized it was the other character.

Basically we’re following this guy who cannot really deal with his life anymore and goes crazy. He’s having these weird conversations with himself, and at some point murders these two ladies. He’s freaking out even more, because what to do now!! People are of course investigating this murder, while the main character tries not to reveal himself. At that point his mom and sister come to visit, to make things worse. So now he has to act even less suspicious, because what if they knew!

It’s just really interesting to read, he is like the ‘bad’ guy because he murdered these people, but the is still really a ‘good’ person towards his family and some other people.

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Have you read this book? What did you think?

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