First Impression Friday – Madame Bovary

This meme was created by Joe from JW Martin – Storeys of stories!

The rules:

  • Read first chapter (or chapters if they are short)
  • Give my ‘first impression’
  • Predict my rating
  • After finishing it, compare the results 🙂

So this time I decided to go with Madame Bovary! Like with all classics, beforehand I had no idea what this book would be about, except about madame Bovary.. But for some reason I was really excited to read this! I guess I was just looking forward to read something from an author I had not read from before!

Title: Madame Bovary.

Author: Gustave Flaubert.

Format: E-book.

Genre: Fiction, France, classic.

First impressions (3 chapters):

The beginning was so fast! The first chapter probably covered 15 years of Mister Bovary’s life haha. I’m really liking it! I think I’m seeing the direction this is going, but there should be more, I guess I will find out soon!

I’m really liking the writing , I often struggle with the writing in classics but this one is really easy to follow! So far I’m predicting a 4 star rating for this one.

Final thoughts:

I was almost correct! I ended up giving this book 3 stars.

Normally I always read one physical book at a time, but for this one I decided to read it alongside another book. And I think this was a good idea, I probably went through this book faster then that I other wise would.

I mentioned that the first chapter was really fast, but it was only that chapter, the rest of the book was pretty slow. Which is what I expect from a classic, so I did not have any problems with that.

I really liked that this story felt different from other books from this time line. Yes it is all about romance and having the best social lives. But some things that the main character does in this book are not things you read about in books from this time. Yes I’m doing my best to not say anything about the plot… She is unhappy, and she does things about that, which is good! But the way she does it.. Not so much.

The reason I have 3 stars is mainly because I DISliked the main character so much! She is rude and doesn’t really try to do her best for her husband. Like yes her husband is not perfect, but he does his best and is so sweet to her! I felt a bit bad for him 🙁

Also that ending was just weird.. I have no idea what to think about it haha!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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