First Impression Friday: Robinson Crusoe

This meme was created by Joe from JW Martin – Storeys of stories!

The rules:

  • Read first chapter (or chapters if they are short)
  • Give my ‘first impression’
  • Predict my rating
  • After finishing it, compare the results 🙂

So this time I decided to go with Robinson Crusoe. I’ve been lookijg forward to reading this, since I started my read a classic a month project. But I never did before, since I was kinda scared for it as well. I expected it to have a lot of action, but I was being told I would be disappointed. But I finally decided to just go for it and find out for myself.

Title: Robinson Crusoe.

Author: Daniel Defoe.

Format: E-book.

Genre: Classic, fiction, adventure.

First impressions:

As I mentioned I was quite excited to finally read this! After reading the first chapter I was already quite worried if I would actually like this book.. I was already so confused and couldn’t focus and wasn’t liking the writing style at all. Maybe this was all because I couldn’t focus, we will see. For now I will be predicting a 3 star rating.

Final thoughts:

Oh boy, what was I wrong.. The first 175 pages were quite boring, and I hated how he (Robinson Crusoe) acted towards the other people on the island. Forcing them to call him master etc. I know this was probably normal in the time it was written, but it just can’t right now. 

I honestly don’t know why I did not DNF this book. (Well I do, I wanted my grade for the NEWTs..)

I’m doubting between 1 or 2 stars, and I can’t actually think of anything that I liked from this book to give it 2 stars, but I just generally feel bad giving one star to books. But I guess I just have to go for one star, since I honestly hated reading this! 

So my prediction was definitely wrong, and I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

4 Replies to “First Impression Friday: Robinson Crusoe”

  1. This book certainly is very dated in it’s outlook and style. I did read it – a long while ago and can barely remember it other than it wasn’t a favourite.Lynn 😀

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t like this one 🙁 I hope your next read is better! (And don’t feel bad giving it 1 star if you didn’t like it! )

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