Hook and Crown – blog tour and giveaway!

I was asked to participate in this blog tour, which made me really excited!

Hook and Crown is a dark retelling of Peter Pan, which sounded really good to me! I don’t think I have read that many Peter Pan retelling, so it is exciting to find one! My thought on the book are at the end of this post!

About the book:

Title: Hook and Crown.

Author: Nicole Knapp.

Publisher: The Parliament House.

Release day: June 11th 2019.

Genre: YA, fantasy Retelling

What is it about?

You’ve heard of Neverland and its inhabitants… Fairies, pirates, mermaids and a boy who didn’t want to grow up. But you can’t always believe the stories.

Elena Hart arrives in London, bound for a new boarding school operated by her estranged uncle. A fresh start is exactly what she needs. But when strange things begin happening, things she can’t explain, she begins to wonder if she has lost her mind. 
Until the night a strange girl appears in her room, claiming to be a fairy from Neverland, come to take her to the fantasy world at the request of its ruler. 
Skeptical, Elena refuses. But the following night, a young man with strange green eyes appears, and though she tries to resist his charms, something about him draws her in and Elena is whisked away from the world she knows, to a world she always thought was make believe. 
But when she arrives in Neverland, it is nothing like the stories and Elena realizes that she must figure out for herself who the true heroes and villains are.

Liking it so far?

I got a book excerpt to share with you, so that might make you even more excited!

Book excerpt:

High above London, a boy with strange green eyes perches on a throne of deep grey rainclouds, twirling a stunning jeweled dagger in his hands. He scans the ground until a familiar girl walks out of the busy airport. He perks up, the dagger forgotten, and watches her. The gusting wind catches her auburn hair, whipping it around her face. Even from the height of the clouds, he can tell that she is beautiful. But he already knows that, of course. This isn’t the first time he’s laid eyes on her. The girl walks a few steps and suddenly stops, a lost look marring her lovely features. The boy wonders what she is thinking that could make her stop in her tracks. Far below, the girl tips her chin to the sky. The boy ducks, afraid she might spot him. But no, her eyes are closed. The girl shakes her head and presses on through the rain. The boy watches her as she climbs into one of the black cars waiting at the curb. Only when the car pulls out of the lot does the boy turn his green gaze to the sky and rocket up into the stars.

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Doesn’t this sound great?!

This is the first scene from the book, and after reading that I just had to continue!

You can buy on amazon here!


There is currently a giveaway going on on Instagram! You can see all the details on my Instagram @Evelynreads! You should go soon since it is already open and will close on June 14th!

US participants can win a ebook copy, and a set of four Hook and Crown inspired  candles from Talking Candles (see photo).

But luckily for us who do not live in US there is also a price! You can win an e-book copy!

My thoughts!

I loved this dark Peter Pan retelling! But I think if this book was longer, it would have been way better!
Right now I struggled a bit with the pacing. Which is not weird, since quite a lot happens, and on my e-reader this book was less than 200 pages! The main characters changes her mind a lot, and if there was more time with each development, these changes of mind would not have been so random!
I still enjoyed this, and hope you guys will pick it up as well!

Happy reading!

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  1. Oooo yay! I’m glad there’s an eBook version so i can still try for the giveaway! (Canada girl).

    1. Yeah its good they have international price as well..
      Otherwise we non US people could never win anything

      Evelynreads says:

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