Hunted – Audiobook review!

Title: Hunted

Author: Meagan Spooner

Format: Audiobook

Publisher: HarperTeen

Page count: 384

Release day: March 14th 2017

Genre: YA, fantasy, retelling

Rating: 2 stars.

What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

Beauty knows the Beast’s forest in her bones—and in her blood. Though she grew up with the city’s highest aristocrats, far from her father’s old lodge, she knows that the forest holds secrets and that her father is the only hunter who’s ever come close to discovering them. 

So when her father loses his fortune and moves Yeva and her sisters back to the outskirts of town, Yeva is secretly relieved. Out in the wilderness, there’s no pressure to make idle chatter with vapid baronessas…or to submit to marrying a wealthy gentleman. But Yeva’s father’s misfortune may have cost him his mind, and when he goes missing in the woods, Yeva sets her sights on one prey: the creature he’d been obsessively tracking just before his disappearance. 

Deaf to her sisters’ protests, Yeva hunts this strange Beast back into his own territory—a cursed valley, a ruined castle, and a world of creatures that Yeva’s only heard about in fairy tales. A world that can bring her ruin or salvation. Who will survive: the Beauty, or the Beast?

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My thoughts:

This book made me realize something. Beauty and the beast retellings are not for me.. Besides this one I also recently read A curse so dark and lonely, and I didn’t really enjoy both of them. So I think I won’t pick up another beauty and the beast retelling in the near future.

I might have an unpopular opinion here, but I thought this book was kinda boring? The thing is, this book went exactly how I expect a beauty and the beast retelling to go, so it was way to predictable for me. This wouldn’t have been a huge problem if the characters were interesting, but they felt so flat to me. They didn’t really develop, they didn’t have interesting conversations, I just didn’t care for them at all.

There was also no world-building whatsoever. They were just randomly in forest somewhere, somewhere in the past. I could not figure out on what type of country this was based at all. Russian? American? I don’t know.

This is again a really short review, but I don’t really have anything more to say.. Also there was a vacation between me reading this book and writing the review so I might have forgotten things.

I’m still planning on reading Sherwood, since I’m so excited for a Robin Hood retelling. Maybe it will help that I have no expectations for this book at all!

Which type of retellings do you like?

6 Replies to “Hunted – Audiobook review!”

  1. Oh no, I’ve heard some good things about this one, but the lack of worldbuilding would definitely bother me, I think. As for B&B retellings…I think I’m mostly “meh” about them in general? But I’m still going to be reading Sherwood! I’m a sucker for Robin Hood retellings. 😀

    1. Good to hear I’m not the only one feeling meh about b&b retellings! I feel like I will love sherwood!

      Evelynreads says:
    1. I’m actually really interested in that one hahah, since it’s a Robin Hood retelling ☺️

      Evelynreads says:
  2. It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy this one – I actually quite liked it and am a complete sucker for retellings – I can’t resist. Every single time I see one I have to have it.Lynn 😀

    1. I love retellings, but I guess just not from beauty and the beast! ☺️

      Evelynreads says:

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