I’m taking my NEWT’s!

This month I will be participating in the NEWT’s readathon organized by Book Roast on YouTube! I love the idea of this readathon! Back in April in participated in the OWL’s readathon and I absolutely loved it! You can only take NEWT’s in the courses that you passed during your OWL’s, and there are three different passing grades for the OWL’s. Acceptable, Exceeding expectations and Outstanding, for all different passing grades a different book needs to be read.

I passed Ancient runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Care of Magical creatures, Charms, Defense against the dark arts, Herbology and Transfiguration during the OWL’s I will try to do all of these in my NEWT’s #overachiever .

I tried to fit my books already on my physical TBR for this TBR and I think this worked out quite well! This is also because I really want to read all my physical books before I leave to Estonia (See that story here!).

Ancient Runes:

Acceptable (Book set in the past): The tenant of wildfell hall

Exceeding expectations (Most ancient book on your shelf): Fire spell

Outstanding(Translated from another language): De marathon (The long walk – I will read the Dutch version)



Acceptable (At least 300 pages): Scythe

Exceeding expectations (Ends on an even page): The railway children

Outstanding (Not the first of a series): Harry Potter and the deathly hallows


Acceptable (Stars on the cover): Zodiac: starforce

Exceeding expectations (The word ‘sky’ in the title): Sky in the deep

Outstanding (Set on a different planet/world): Flame in the mist


Care of magical creatures:

Acceptable (Has an animal on the cover): Catwoman: soulstealer

Exceeding expectations (Book less than 160 pages): I hate fairyland vol. 3

Outstanding (Includes dragons in some way: Inferno (Talon #5)


Acceptable (Has magic in it): The iron trial

Exceeding expectations (A cover that charmed you): State of sorrow

Outstanding (You think it will leave a mark): The universe is expanding and so am I


Defense against the dark arts:

Acceptable (Last in a series): The raven cycle

Exceeding expectations (Foiled book): Grace and fury

Outstanding (Has ‘dark’ in the title): Three dark crowns



Acceptable (Green cover): Thunderhead

Exceeding expectations (Has illustrations): Orange volume 1

Outstanding (Has ‘light/air/sun/water’ in the title): Smoke in the sun


Acceptable (Grey cover): Ace of shades

Exceeding expectations (New to you author): The bone season

Outstanding (Set in kingdom/has royals): Daughter of the siren queen


Come talk to me!

Please let me know if you are participating in this readathon or if you’ve read any of the books on my TBR!

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  1. Wow! I didn’t know this readathon but it sounds so cool and interesting, I hope to do it someday. By now, good look with it! Really, I love so much this idea.

    Alejandra says:
    1. Yes it is really cool!
      Earlier this year there was the OWL’s readathon and I think it is supposed to be a yearly thing! You should check out Book Roast on Youtube if your interested 🙂

      Evelynreads says:

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