It’s time for the NEWTs! (TBR)

These magical readathon are honestly my favourite!

See all the NEWTs information here!

In April I participated in the OWLs readathon (My wrap up is here!). My goal was becoming an Alchemist, to pass all the necessary NEWTs I would have to read 17 books, which normally would be doable for me. But this August I have such a chaotic month (reasons for this are explained in Being less active post last week)! All fun stuff, but there won’t be so much time to read.. I still made a TBR for all the necessary subjects, and I will definitely do my best. But I won’t be mad at myself for not finishing. TBH I wanted to make a TBR for all, but I already know I won’t be able to do so.

Needed grades:

Ancient Runes: Outstanding.

Arithmancy: Outstanding.

Astronomy: Exceeds Expectations.

Herbology: Outstanding.

Potions: Outstanding.

Transfiguration: Outstanding.

I mainly went with books I already own, which are mainly ebooks, audiobooks and earcs! I think there are two books on here that I don’t own yet.

Ancient runes:

Acceptable: Recommended by a friend – Rosemary and Rue.

Exceeds Expectations: Book written in past tense – Robinson Crusoe. (not sure if this is true..)

Outstanding: Book that has been on your TBR for ages – The fifth season.


Acceptable: Book that ends on an even number – The thousand steps.

Exceeds Expectations: Standalone – The woods.

Outstanding:­ Longer than 350 pages – Light years.


Acceptable: Moon on the cover – Dragons of Nova.

Exceeds Expectations: ‘night’ in the title – Spellslinger (this is the group book and can be used for any challenge!).


Acceptable: Audiobook – Lifelike.

Exceeds Expectations: 350-390 pages – A book of spirits and thieves.

Outstanding: Flower on the cover – All the bad apples.


Acceptable: Friends favourite book – The tea dragon festival.

Exceeds Expectations: Blue cover – Record of a spaceborn few.

Outstanding: Starts with a prologue – Tiger’s curse.


Acceptable: LGBTQA+ rep – The rebels of gold (based on reviews I read).

Exceeds Expectations: Not the first in a series – Deviate.

Outstanding: Over 500 pages – Before the devil breaks you.

I’m so excited to participate, and I really hope I will be able to manage!

Are you participating? For what job are you aiming?

8 Replies to “It’s time for the NEWTs! (TBR)”

  1. Good luck!! I don’t think I will ever be able to finish one of these readathons, even though I really hope to some day!

    Jess says:
  2. Good luck on your NEWTs! I’m trying for wandmaker, though I haven’t finished sitting for my late OWLs yet, so I’m desperately trying to get my last book read before the NEWTs begin!

    Mary Drover says:
  3. This looks so good!!! I’ve actually bumped my NEWTs to October because I’m doing ARC August instead. So many read-a-thons (that I never stick to anyway), so little time…However, I’m up for the jobs: Healer, Auror and Magizoologist. I did spend a good half hour the other day figuring out my TBR, only to then realise I’ve already signed up for the other one!!I am pretty happy that Spellslinger is the “swap in” book because I’ve been meaning to read it for ages!!

    1. Arc August also sounds like a great plan hahah! Luckily you’re still able to do your NEWTs later! It also took me forever to figure out my TBR! Every time I thought I had it, I wanted to change something hahah!
      And I’m so happy with spellslinger as well! I also wanted to read it for forever, and I’m happy you could just put it wherever you wanted !
      I hope your NEWTs are going well !

      Evelynreads says:

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