Let’s talk bookish – DNF’ing books

I wanted to try out another weekly meme! I decided to go with Let’s talk bookish, this is a weekly meme, created and hosted by J.R. @Eternity Books  , here different topics will be discussed.

This weeks topic is ‘Is it bad if you don’t finish a book?’. And I think this is an interesting topic!

I feel like most people would say it is not bad, but won’t DNF books themselves. I was like that for a very long time. Until one day I was reading (unpopular opinion) The Two Towers, and I was so bored and told my mom, and she asked me ‘so why don’t you start another one?’. And that’s when I actually started DNF’ing books!

To be honest, I haven’t DNF’ed that many books, because I do want to give every book a fair chance to convince me to enjoy it! I made a shelf on GoodReads called DNF and it only contains 5 books haha!

So what I’m trying to say, it is not bad to not finish a book! We read for our enjoyment and if your not enjoying the book it is perfectly fine to stop reading it! I know it is hard, I always struggle with putting a book back down without planning to continue. But it is also always a relief that I can than pick up another book that I actually will enjoy reading!

I do think you have to give a book a fair chance. It is very hard to judge a book based on reading 10 pages or something. Unless you notice it is about a topic that you can’t deal with, than probably it is better to put it down! But storyline wise I always try to read a bit further, to be able to judge the story!

Most important: you do you! If you want to DNF a book after 5 pages, go ahead! If you’re hating the book, but want to push through, go ahead! I feel like we shouldn’t judge people with their decisions!

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What do you think about DNF’ing books?

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  1. These are all amazing points! I used to be unable to DNF a book because I couldn’t leave a book unfinished, but as you said, reading is for our enjoyment, and if I’m not enjoying it, I shouldn’t force myself to continue. But I always like to give books a chance and mostly read at least more than 50% before reading something else.
    Great post, and thank you so much for participating

    1. Yes I’m having hard times with it sometimes! But enjoying a book is the most important part!
      I think by 50% you should definitely be able to see if you will enjoy the book!

      Evelynreads says:
  2. I agree. There are SO many books out in the world (I have 500 on my own TBR!) that it just (to me) isn’t worth your time reading something you know you aren’t enjoying. Have I finished books I hated? Yes. But I have also put down books I didn’t like in favor for something I ended up loving! The point is that it is at the discretion of the reader. We shouldn’t judge others for what we are or are not reading.

    1. The not judging is definitely the most important part!
      But personally I really try and spend my reading time on books I love to read!

      Evelynreads says:
  3. These days, if I’m not enjoying a book I put it down, I give it a fair shot but life’s too short and there are just too many books waiting for attention.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Totally true! There are so many books that are probably more worth your time!

      Evelynreads says:
  4. I haven’t DNF’d this year although there have definitely been times when I should have. I agree (in theory) that life is too short to read something that’s not for you but (in actuality) I really struggle to put a book down knowing I will never pick it up again. Reader’s guilt is unfortunately alive and very real…

    1. I struggle with it too! Because with if it gets better?!
      But also if I do finish a book I didn’t like I feel like I ‘wasted’ my time on that book, while I could have read I book I absolutely love!

      Evelynreads says:
  5. I go back and forth on DNFing. Sometimes, I push through, even if I don’t like the book. Sometimes, I’ll DNF it. It just kind of depends if I think it might get better or not.

  6. I almost never DNF because I am a terrible completionist. I think in the past year I’ve only DNF’d two books (though I really, REALLY wish I’d thrown in the towel on an ARC I made myself finish, it was not worth it). I think for the most part I’m either reading hyped things from my backlist, which are usually at worst a pleasant three stars, or it’s a review copy and I always feel guilty not finishing and writing a review. But with so many books in the world, maybe sometimes it would be healthier for me to admit defeat on things sooner!

    1. I also feel so guilty of I do not finish a review copy! So when I do I try to explain clearly why in a review, because maybe it is just not for me, but others will love it!

      Evelynreads says:
  7. Yes, of course it’s fine to DNF a book. Life is too short to force yourself to read something general-you finds uninteresting (or maybe even triggering in certain cases).

    There’s also something to be said for giving a book a fair chance. I have read books that had not-so-great first chapters but were awesome after that, so I do try to keep that in mind if I’m feeling “meh” about a story.

    I’m personally pretty cautious about reviewing a book I never finished, but I’ve seen thoughtful, honest reviews about a DNF that clearly explained their reasons why the reader didn’t or couldn’t get to the end. So even that can be okay as long as you’re straightforward about it. 🙂

    1. Yes I think giving books fair chances is very important! Maybe you just have to get used to the writing or the world in the beginning, and it gets much better later! That’s why I struggle with deciding when to stop..
      I think reviews for a book you DNF’d can be very good, if you can explain well why you did not finish it! I never give start ratings though!

      Evelynreads says:
  8. I completely agree with you Evelyn! I don’t DNF often (mostly because my TBR is so long most of the books at the top are quite hyped and generally worth finishing) but sometimes we forget that reading is meant to be FUN. I don’t like ‘pushing through’ if I really dislike a book great discussion! Jen

    1. I totally understand you! I always try and read books that i’m really excited for! But sometimes they can disappoint..
      Thanks for reading 🙂

      Evelynreads says:
  9. YESSSS! Great points here – I’m totally on your side! Everyone should do what feels right for them and shouldn’t pressure themselves or follow other people’s ideas or customs. We read because we love to read and all enjoy a great story – and life’s too short for bad books. Personally, I want to get the most out of the little free time I have, so if reading a certain book feels like extra work and not like a hobby, then I toss it and never look back!
    Love your post and happy reading!

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