Life update – Moving day!

Hi Guys, I wanted to give a quick life update!

Today is a special day! I’m moving to Sweden!

Probably by the time this is online my airplane has just landed 🙂

In a life update post that I posted a year ago (if you followed me back than and still remember), I started a Master for which I would study abroad for two years. I’ve now completed my first year in Estonia (read about that here!), and it’s almost time to start my second year. In this study we got to choose where to do our second year, depending on our preferences. The options were Sweden, Finland or France (at certain Universities of course), and as mentioned, I choose Sweden.

My first ‘school day’ (I think it will be more of an introduction day) is coming Tuesday, and I’m really excited. For both continuing studying, seeing my classmates again, and exploring this new country!

Now you will know why I might be a bit less active, because I need some time to figure out how to combine everything. And of course discover my new city and everything!

Happy reading!

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  1. Oh good luck Evelyn!! Hoping you have a great first day… umm, about now?! (Sorry, I am behind on blog hopping!) Sending you all the great vibes!! xx

    1. haha, no problem! Thank you, I actually just got back from my first day, and it was very good!

      Evelynreads says:

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