My first Top Ten Tuesday – books by my favourite authors that I still haven’t read!

So I decided to try out some book meme’s! The first one I try will be Top 10 Tuesday! 


About the meme: 

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish, but is now moved to That Artsy Reader Girl! The read more about this meme, look at this page! 


This week’s meme is Books by my favourite authors that I still haven’t read: 

1. City of ghosts – VE Schwab! 

Since this was only released a month ago I think it is not so weird I have yet to read this haha! But I ordered it and I hope it will arrive this week! I will buddyread this with The Common Shelf! 

2. Vengeful – Victoria Schwab! 

Even less weird that I have not read this yet, since it released today. But nevertheless, it is a book by a favourite author, which I have yet to read!

@evelynreads on instagram – I can’t wait to make my VE Schwab collection complete!

3. Warbreaker – Brandon Sanderson! 

4. The way of kings – Brandon Sanderson!

5. Elantris – Brandon Sanderson! 

Okay I will leave at these three books/series by Sanderson! I actually have only read 4 books from the mistborn series, but I absolutely loved it. So, I’m really sure I will enjoy these books as well! 

@evelynreads on instagram – Another favourite author, but I don’t think she has any other books so far!

6. A monster calls – Patrick Ness! 

7. More than this – Patrick Ness! 

I love Patrick Ness, but again still more books of his that I have to read! 

@evelynreads on instagram – This was a good spot for reading this book!

8. Unwind – Neal Shusterman! 

I recently read Scythe, Thunderhead and Challenger deep by him, and now I really need to read everything he has writtin! 

9. The trials of Apollo – Rick Riordan! 

I’m slowly going through all of his books on audio, next up is The trials of Apollo series. I can’t wait to continue reading/listening to his amazing writing. 

10. Strange the dreamer – Laini Taylor! 

Don’t ask me why I still have not read this.. I own the ebook though, so I can start anytime! 


Come talk to me! 

What book of your favourite author have you not read yet?

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