My plan to buy less books!

I’m trying to buy less books this year, since I will be living in Sweden next school year, which will be expansive and also I have some traveling plans so it is nice to save a bit of money 🙂 Another big reason is that I’m currently living abroad, so everything that I buy has to be moved back to my place in the Netherlands, and having lots of books can be heavy haah.

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I’ve actually been buying less books since the beginning of this school year, but I still bought 1-2 physical books each month. But for the coming months (March and April, I wanted to include February but realised it is almost over haha) I will not be buying books! There will be a couple exceptions though. There are some ebooks that I will allow myself to buy (I will list them later), and there will be one physical book that I will allow myself to buy. Every time I travel I buy the first Harry Potter book in the language of the country, as some kind of souvenir, right now I’m planning to travel to China in the beginning of April, and I will not leave without a Chinese Harry Potter!

At this moment (2 weeks before posting this, I know I’m such a planner..) I have 8 physical unread books and 20 unread ebooks (some of these are bind ups). I really want to try and read all of these and for the rest only use my library. I really hope I will be able to keep to this haha.

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So this are the ebook I will allow myself to buy, from now until the end of April:

  • The priory of the orange tree – Samantha Shannon (February 26th)
  • Children of virtue and vengeance – Tomi Adeyemi (release date is a bit unclear, maybe march 7th)
  • Sequels to books I have read! But only if I know I will read them immediately! (I’m will try and not buy more than 5! So that I will really think about what I buy).

The reason why I do this for only March and April is that I already know May will be a really stressful month. I’m going to have all these extra courses, so I will be at school way more. And then at the end of May there will be exams. And I’m a stress buyer, at that moment I will buy books to feel a bit better for a bit 🙂

I will try and remember to give an update at the end of April, to see if this actually worked out ahah

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Do you give yourself restrictions for buying books?

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