November TBR – I want to read too many..

I’m noticing that lately I’m listening to a lot of audiobooks, so if I’m smart I will make a TBR which contains books that I can listen on audio!

First of all I will of course read a classic! After some dense ones I think I will go for A little princes! But also my roommate told me to read war and peace, so maybe if I feel really ready for it I will make a start on that one as well.


And of course I really need to read kingdom of ash!!


The I would like to listen to the golden tower, since I’m really curious to the ending of this audiobook, and that will finish of another series for this year 🙂

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I really should continue with some series, so I want to continue mistborn, next up is Shadows of self! And it would be really nice to read vengeful, because I’m really excited for that one! And if I have time it would be nice to read Lair of dreams 🙂


And since my list with unfinished series is already long, I would like to start a new one! I’m really excited to start reading And I darken and Sleeping giants! (both of these I could listen to on audiobook!)

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I also realized that I have quite some arcs that I need to go and read. Two that are on top of my list are Outrun the wild and wind and glass, fire and stone! I hope I will be able to read them this month!


And since both of these books are fantasy, it would also be nice to read What if it’s us. I actually wanted to read this in October, but the book still has not arrived..


Every month I try not to pressure myself to much by making a short TBR list, and again I failed.. Again it is a list of 12 books..

But we will see how many I actually read at the and of the month!


Come talk to me!

What are you planning on reading in November?

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