Of rioters and royals (review)

Title: Of rioters and royals.

Author: ML Greye.

Format: E-arc.

Publisher: Self-published

Page count: 412.

Release day: January 18th 2019.

Genre: YA, fantasy.

Rating: 3.5 stars.

*Thanks to the author for providing this book!*

What is it about?

This book is about a small country with an important harbour. It used to be a peaceful country, split up into five ‘provinces’. Until one of the five ‘provinces’, Anexia, got a disease, and the king decided to cut them of instead of helping them. Until the disease started to spread, and the king was forced to do something about this. But this help came to late for them, they were already mad. When years later the king needed their help, they refused. This split up the country into two, the Royals, supporters of the king, and the Rioters, against the king. These groups were fighting each other until the king died, and his son took the throne. Ever since it has be quit, not because the groups do not exist anymore, but the current king is not too bad.

Right now the Trials are about to begin, each province will send a challenger to fight and become princess Emerald’s knight. We follow Declan, the Anexian challenger, and Emerald. And see how their story unfolds.

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My thoughts:

The author kindly send me her book back in February, and I feel a bit bad for only reading it now.. My only excuse is that I could only read this on my phone or laptop, which I really don’t like.. But the premise of the book sounded so good, and I’m so happy I finally picked it up!

The world is really interesting, and I loved hearing about all the different ‘provinces’, and seeing their relations. I really hope that in the sequel we will get even more from the different provinces. Since in this one Anexia and Enn were the main focus (which makes total sense).

I loved the magic system! In this book your magic corresponds to the colour of your eyes. The basic colour of your eye is your main power, but there can be different colours through your eyes, which correspond to different, weaker, powers! It was so cool, I kept wanting to learn more! I liked how people revered to them, like ‘let’s get you to the Ruby’s’, with Ruby’s being people with healing powers!

I really liked the writing of this book, it kept me wanting to continue to read (besides the actual story of course)!

And then for the story itself. I really enjoyed the main story line, but there were so many ‘extra’ things thrown in, which kind of distracted me from the main story. The main things was the ‘rivalry’ between the rioters and the royals. But then there was also a romance, which in this case I think really added to the story. But also things that happened in Declan’s past, which in my opinion were not really well explained and because of that did not really add to the story much. There were also mentioned of things in Emry’s past, which were again only shortly mentioned. Then there was a war coming with this other country, this part I personally really liked! And I think it was important. So I think I would have liked the story a bit better if maybe some less important parts were removed, and the main parts were even more expanded.

But all in all I really enjoyed the story line! And I’m definitely curious were the sequel will take us!

Happy reading!

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