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Recently I did a post about my favourite fantasies, which you can read here! I do mainly read fantasy, but sometimes I read books in another genre, and some of those I really love, so I felt like talking about them. So some of the non-fantasy books that I really love are:


  • Dresscodes for small towns by Courtney C. Stevens. Okay so this is a contemporary that I learned about from Lala (from booksandlala on YouTube) and is was 100% a cover buy! I love Dr Martens, and didn’t really have a clue what it was about. But now I do, and I love it! This book is about Billie McCaffrey who is struggling with being who she is and being who she is ‘supposed’ to be. For being who she really is she needs to find out her sexuality, which she finds hard since she is the daughter of the preacher of this small town.
  • The rest of us just live here by Patrick Ness. I randomly started to listen to this book on audio, and loved so much. It just took me by surprised, I found myself laughing a lot, and just sitting and listening which I do not do often with audiobooks. This book is about the current world, but superheroes exist here. Which means a lot of explosion and other things happen, the only people who see this for what it is are the children, all the adult people make up explanations for these weird stuff happening. In this book we follow this friend group, in a time where superheroes are, again, saving the world.
  • Simon vs the homosapiens agenda by Becky Albertalli. I guess we all know what this is about by now haha, especially since the movie is out (EXCEPT HERE IN THE NETHERLANDS.. 14 June is getting closer). I really liked the friendships in this book, also the romance, the Harry Potter references and the oreos. I’ve read this books twice so far, and couldn’t do that without eating oreos haha
  • Leah on the offbeat by Becky Albertalli. This book takes place after Simon vs the homosapiens agenda, but it is not really a sequel since we do follow another character. I don’t think I can chose which book I like better. I felt really connected to Leah as character, also again really liked the friendship, the romance (was a bit predictable though), the story, again the references to other books (Six of Crows!). Also I could really relate to the time they were in their lives, they are looking for colleges, and I was busy with applying for a master studies, so it is kinda comparable.
  • Anne of green gables by LM Montgomery. Reading a classic a month did pay off! Wow what did I enjoy this book! It was just so cute, I loved Anne’s character, and her view on life! I’ve since reading this book received an e-arc of the graphic novel, which I also really enjoyed, but since it was an e-arc the drawings were in black and white. Soo I told my dad and he bought the physical copy for me (thanks ), which I’ve also read and loved! And I’ve also watched the new Netflix show! I am doubting if I will continue this series, but I’m not sure why haha maybe I should just continue!
  • Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis (Writers), Brooke Allen (illustrator), Shannon Waters. Soo I feel weird putting this on here as a favourite ‘book’, since it’s a graphic novel. But whatever it is my list! I love this series so much! It is a bout this girl scout group who get in this really weird fantastical situations. These situations are just so weird, that I can’t really imagine how they came up with them?! But it is so much fun to see them solve these situations, and see their relations develop. I would recommend this graphic novel to everyone, I just keep finding myself laughing out loud!
  • Giant days by John Allison (Creator and writer), Lissa Treiman (Illustrator).Whitney Cogar (colours). This is another fantastic graphic novel series! But this is more a contemporary series. This is about a friendship group of three friends, who are just starting at college. And we just read about their adventures at school. These are really easy to read, and really enjoyable, and I love to read one of these after I read a big fantasy novel!


Come talk to me!

What is one of your non-fantasy favourite?

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