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So in the last couple of TBR’s I’ve been saying that I’m not making strict TBR, because those stress me out. BUT during April G from Book Roast on BookTube is again hosting the OWL’s readathon, and I absolutely loved it last year! Please check it out, the idea is so good and she put in so much effort! This time she made a whole employment list, so you can see which OWL’s you need to pass to be able to get certain jobs. So my dream job would be an Alchemist, but for that you need to pass all 12 subjects. Normally reading 12 books in a month would be doable for me, but I have some exciting plans this month (check out my post coming on Wednesday) so I’m not sure how much I will be able to read. So I will focus on the subjects needed for magizoloogist as ‘backup’ plan (needed: care of magical creatures, charms, herbology and potions). So let’s just get into the challenges and my books:

Ancient runes (retelling) – Hunted (on audio)

Arithmancy (work written by more than one author) – The red scrolls of magic (on audio)

Astronomy (‘star’ in the title) – Of fire and stars (on audio)

Care of magical creatures(Land animal on the cover) – The dreadful tale of prosper redding

Charms (Age line: read an adult book) – Do you dream of Terra two

Defence against the dark arts (reducto: title starts with R) – Recreated

Divination (Set in the future) – Leviathan wakes

Herbology (plant on the cover) – I’m going to try to read my arc for Hazel and Holly ( If I won’t have the time I will read Children of the whales vol. 5 which might be a stretch haha)

History of magic (Published 10 years ago) – Madame Bovary

Muggle studies (contemporary) – The duchess deal

Potions (sequel) – Sapphire blue

Transfiguration (sprayed edges/ red cover) – The devil’s thief (on audio)

Have you participated in this readathon? Are you planning to? What are your reading plants?

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  1. Good luck in your Readathon! I’m going to see what career I can have out of the ones I finish! Probably not the best way around if it was a real-life kinda thing

  2. This is the COOLEST idea! I love so many books on your list. I was just looking at this on Twitter and I think you have convinced me that it would be great fun.

  3. WOAH, what a cool cool idea! I’ve got to go check this out and figure out what job I could get!

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