Review – A closed and common orbit

Title: A closed and common orbit

Author: Becky Chambers

Format: E-book

Page count: 356

Chapter length: 2-8 pages

Series: Wayfarer #2

Rating: 2 stars


What is it about? (May contain spoilers for book one)

This is the sequel to a long way to a small angry planet. In this book we do not follow the same character, except one. The AI (lovelace) of book one is now in a body kit (synthetic human body), of which she has some troubles getting used to. In this progress she is being helped by Pepper and Blue, Pepper is the one who installed her into this body kit. Besides them she also spends quite some time with Tak, who she befriended during one of her planet exploration trips. We also read about the history of Pepper, about her previous life and how she met blue and got in this planet.


What I thought:

So I expected to read about the crew of the wayfarer, so that was quite a disappointment..

I probably could have known this wasn’t about the same characters if I had read the synopsis, but I barely do that for sequels.

Besides the fact that this was about other characters, I found most of this book quite boring ..?!

I liked the beginning of Pepper’s background story, but after a while it started to repeat itself.

Also the AI/ Sidra did not really do a lot, just walked around and sometimes went to parties. But these parties were not really described, more like I enjoyed this party or Tak is dancing with another Aandrisk, and that was all we would know about these parties.

I did however really like the ending of this story! And I will definitely read the third book, with keeping in mind that it will probably follow other characters.


Recommend for:

I will actually not recommend this book. Although I did see some reviews from people who really liked this book. I do really recommend the long way to a small angry planet!


Come talk to me!

Are there some sequels which really disappointed you?

4 Replies to “Review – A closed and common orbit”

  1. This is spot on! Sidra’s perspective was very monotone. She explored, went to parties, went to work, and missed her past – that was literally it! It was so disappointing!

    Bionic Book Worm says:
    1. Yes exactly! I am going to read the third book though, since I really liked the first book. So I have hopes that the third book will be better again 🙂
      You as well? Or did you gave up on this series haha?

      Evelynreads says:

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