Review – A thousand perfect notes

Title: A thousand perfect notes

Author: CG Drews

Format: paperback

Publisher: Orchard Books

Page count: 276

Release day: June 7th 2018

Series: Standalone

Rating: 3 stars


What is it about?

Beck’s mom forces him to play classical music on the piano all day long, since her musical carrier is over/failed. But Beck hates it, hates his life, hates that his mom forces him to play the piano every hour of the day. But he is to afraid to stand up to his violent mother. He actually does not hate the piano, he just does not want to play the already composed music, he wants to compose his own music.

His life changes when he meets August, a girl full of life and laughter.  He is forced to work together with her, and he sees a way to escape his life. But the question is if he dares to take it.


What I thought: 

This is not a book I would normally pick up, but I wanted to support @paperfury ! (This is her instagram, her blog is named the same (; ). But I love reading her blog and reviews on GoodReads! And don’t be fooled this book is really different then her reviews! But nevertheless I could still see the same kind of humour/ sarcasm in her book.

As I just mentioned, I loved the humour/sarcasm in this book! For example:

‘Don’t mind the dogs. Most of them won’t kill you.’

This book is actually not a funny book, it is a really dark contemporary book. And that’s why it is really not my type of book. When I read contemporary I prefer light fluffy reads. I think that is the reason why I did not really connect with the story.

I really did enjoy the writing, and humour, but did not feel a lot for the characters.

I read this book on vacation while sitting at the side of a lake, and I think that was just the perfect time for me. It read fast and easily, and that was just what I needed. (I’ve heard that lots of people cried, so maybe don’t read in public when you’re a crier).  I think I would have liked the book less in other conditions.

Oh I also wanted top say, I saw @paperfury mention that this book is a retelling of a musician. I kinda forgot about this when I started reading, and I loved recognizing which musician this was!

Let’s just say that 3 stars was the highest rating this book could get from me since it is just not really me genre.


Advise for:

Contemporary lovers, especially dark contemporary lovers.

Retelling lovers (slightly).

Also someone who wants to read something fast-paced and easily.


Come talk to me!

Do you sometimes read from genres you’re not comfortable in?

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