Review – Aaru

Title: Aaru

Author: David Meredith

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Self-published

Page count: 286

Release day: July 9st 2017

Series: The aaru cycle #1

Rating: 3 stars

*Thanks to the author for sending me this book, all opinions are my own!*


What is it about?

16 year-old Rose has cancer, there will be one last chance to save her. For this a mysterious man in a white coat approaches her and her family for an experiment procedure. This seems to fail and Rose has made peace with it. Her younger sister Koren is devastated by her death. Then one day the mysterious man appears at their door and tells them that Rose is still alive. He made a copy of Rose’s brain and has uploaded it into a computer system named Aaru, a virtual paradise where you can live forever in an arcadian world.

Elysian industries, the producer of Aaru, wants to start offering their services to the world and ask Koren to be their spokesperson.

Soon both sisters faces are all over the country but they after awhile they realise immortality and celebrity is not as nice as they thought.


What I thought:

So the first thing I noticed about this book is that if you look at the cover of this book you would expect that it is some thriller/horror book, but it actually is not! So I don’t think they cover fits the book. The cover for the second book also looks really creepy, but I don’t know if that is the direction the story will take.

A general thing I do not like in any book, which also happens in this book, is writing words wrong on purpose to create an accent. For example dat or zat = that. I just get a bit annoyed by it.

Another thing that I noticed, but maybe only because I’m Dutch, someone coming from the Netherlands, is not called Netherlander.. They are called Dutch. But that was just once haha

But more about the story itself! The concept of this book is so interesting, saving someone’s brain so that they can continue living in a virtual world, and you can still have contact with the outside world!

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I also absolutely loved the political discussion about Aaru, if it should exist, how you would decide who gets in, how do you know that no dangerous people will get in etc. It was so well done and it definitely was my favourite part of the book!

I would have loved it if Aaru was better explained or explored! Since within Aaru there different places, so that people who come to live their will life in an ideal world for them but it was only mentioned shortly. Every place has some people who help Aaru getting ready for the arrival for more people. Rose was one of them. At some point they introduced those ‘helpers’, but it was really confusing, and I think more words were needed, because I did not understand who was coming from where in the outside world, and where in Aaru they lived. And because Aaru was not as interestingly described as I hoped I preferred Koren’s story in the outside world over Rose’s story in Aaru.

I was about to give this book 4 stars because of the concept and the political part, but then the ending happened. And it absolutely disgusted me. I hated the introduction of the person who has to do with the ending. I’m not going to say more, since that would be spoilers.

I’m not sure if I will continue with the series, it depends on which direction the story will take!


Advise for:

Sci-fi or futuristic lovers! Also for people who enjoy the political discussions about making decisions on who gets ‘to live’.


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