Review – Catwoman: soulstealer

 Title: Catwoman: soulstealer

Author: Sarah J Maas

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Penguin

Page count: 358

Release day: August 7th 2018

Series: DC icons #3

Rating: 2 stars


What is it about?

Selina’s and Maggie’s mom never comes home and their dad left them. So Selina takes care her sick sister. She earns her money by fighting for her clan. But then she can escape Gotham City. After two years she returns to as the wealthy Holly Vanderhees. Batman is gone on a mission so there is place for a new thief in Gotham City. Together with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn she wreaks the city.

She has to pull off her heist even when she is haunted by threats from the past.


What I thought: 

What a disappointment…

I really liked Wonderwoman, enjoyed Batman, so I expected to like this one as well, but alas.. it was quite bad..

The chapter were Luke was introduced was really confusing, I did not get who he was or why I needed to read about him. I think I read the chapter twice or maybe three times before I decided to just continue on and hope that the chapter was not important.

I was really annoyed that in the first couple of chapters Selina is all like ´I do everything for my sister´, and then her sister isn´t mentioned until the last two chapters.. And I got that they couldn´t be together, and that she didn´t want to talk about her sister to other people, but she could have thought about her ??

Also I did not care for any of the characters. And I just found the book really boring.. It was not that there was not anything happening but I just did not care what they were doing..

The reason for giving this book 2 stars instead of 1 is that there were some sentences that I found funny!

I do consider Sarah J Maas as one of my auto-buy authors, but maybe she is good in writing her genre, and not stuff outside the TOG or ACOTAR world.. So the next time she writes something else, I will probably wait for some reviews before buying and reading the book!


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