Review – Crazy Rich Asians (disappointing)

Title: Crazy Rich Asians

Author: Kevin Kwan

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Doubleday

Page count: 403

Release day: June 11th 2013

Series: Crazy Rich Asians #1

Rating: 2 stars


What is it about?

Rachel started dating Nick (Nicholas Young) 2 years ago. And now he finally asked her to join him to his friend’s wedding in Singapore. Which means she is finally going to meet his family. But Nick has not prepared Rachel at all. She does not now that he comes from one of the richest family’s of the country. And that everyone knows everything about everyone important. And the people do not like her for not being rich and dating one of the richest boys. So now she has to find her way with all these people.

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What I thought:

Based on my rating you probably already know that I did not really like this book. And it is not necessarily that it was a bad story. But it was just way to much for me to like the book.

It felt like this book took me forever to read.. Normally I read romance/contemporary superfast, but this book took me a whole week.. And to be honest I did skip over parts..

There were so many characters, and relations between characters, and it was really hard to remember all of that (for me at least)! Also for each character we got a little bit of background, which meant there were so many details and I did not really care about them. The book switched perspectives every chapter, which means every ±4 pages, so every chapter I had to find out who this random character was. Also sometimes a character would think about something that happened 10 years ago, and again did not care about those kind of background information.

All this (for me) unnecessary information is the reason I started skipping over parts, since that would make me go through this book faster, and I did not feel like I was missing anything at all.

Besides all the extra characters, I was also not really a fan of Rachel, I’m not really sure why, but she just felt a bit flat, there was not so much to her. No development (also not for Nick), there was just nothing really interesting about her in my opinion.

Also Holy Crap what was the font small.. I think it was even smaller than in most fantasy novels.

I felt so slumpy while reading this book, I really did not want to pick it up, but I also did not want to stop reading the book, since I wanted to finish it before watching the movie. I will still go and watch the movie, since I think that will be easier then this book.

Lets just say I was really happy when I finally finished the book, and I will definitely not continue reading this series.


Advice for:

Romance lovers who enjoy broadly expended connections and families, and who like (reading about) gossiping.


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