Review – Daughter of the pirate king

Title: Daughter of the pirate king

Author: Tricia Levenseller

Format: Audiobook

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

Publisher audiobook: MacMillanAudio

Narrators: Marisa Calin

Page count: 311 (7 hours 25 minutes)

Release day: 28th February 2018

Series: Duology

Rating: 3.5 stars


What is it about?

17 year-old Alosa is the daughter of the pirate king, hence the title. She is sent on a mission by her father to retrieve an ancient map. To do this she allows herself to be captured by her enemies so that she can search their ship. There is only one thing standing between her and the map; her captor, Riden. Riden is the first mate and quite clever and attractive. Luckily Alosa has a few tricks, and no pirate can keep the daughter of the pirate king.


What I thought:

I don’t really know why, I guess because of the cover, but I really expected this to be more like a middle grade novel. But it was definitely a young adult book!

It definitely has an interesting storyline, but in my opinion it was quite predictable. And after a while it also became a bit repeatable, like every time she uses the same lies to ‘escape’.

Okay so while checking my notes I mainly wrote ‘interesting’ and ‘predictable’ quite a couple of times in different ways.

I really enjoyed this book as an audiobook; I think I would have preferred audiobook over the physical book, if I had read that. The narrator really fitted the story!

Also the title for book two is a spoiler?! So in case you want to read this and do not know the title of book 2, do NOT go and check that right now!!

The ending was different from what I had expected, which is nice, a part that I had not already predicted!

So in the end I did enjoy this book, even though the predictions, since it is a story I already kind of know but have never seen with pirates so that’s nice!

I would have given this book 3 stars, but it was a bit better than the other book I was reading, which I gave 3 stars, so I gave it an extra half star!

I’m also excited and curious to see how this book will continue in the next book!


Recommend for:

Someone who loves pirates, especially strong FEMALE pirate!

But also for someone who would like an easy to listen to audiobook, this is definitely one to put on your list!


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Do you like pirate stories?

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