Review – Defy the stars

Title: Defy the stars

Author: Claudia Grey

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Hot key books

Page count: 425

Series: Constellation #1

Rating: 2.5 stars


What is it about?

Earth is dying so people are starting to live on other planets, but those planets are less inhabitable then earth. 17-year-old Noemi lives on Genesis, a planet that is currently in war with earth.

Earth uses Mech’s, robots, as fighters. Abel is a Mech, but not a Mech everyone knows the existence of. He is the most sophisticated robot warrior ever made.

Abel and Noemi end up together on a stranded ship in space by accident. Noemi has found a way to save her planet and only Abel can help her. During their voyage through the galaxy they learn a lot about each other, and what it is to be human.


What I thought:

In the beginning of the book I thought the story was really interesting, but quickly I got a feeling that this was a story often told in different ways. And that feeling, unfortunately, staid for the rest of the book. That is also my main complaint about this story, the lack of originality.

Besides that I also was not a big fan of the amount of romance in this book, but that is totally on me. If I had read the back of the book better I would have known this is quite a romance-heavy book.

Another point I was disappointed about was the action, there was barely any action.. There does not have to be constant action, but for me the story does need action for me the keep interested in the book.

But on the opposite side, I LOVED the humor, I kept laughing out loud! The humor was the main reason for me to continue the book!


‘I’m programmed with a wide array of techniques for providing physical pleasure, via every activity from kissing to the more arcane positions for sexual intercourse. Although I’ve never performed any of them before, I’m confident I could do so skillfully.’

Abel low-key asking Noemi to have sex.. Also he thinks really high of himself.


I found myself sighing a lot while reading the ending, so I’m not sure if I will continue this series.


Recommend for:

People who enjoy romance-based stories. Also slightly sci-fi books, and with not too much action.


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In which book were you disappointed in?

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  1. Aweeee I’m sad that you didn’t love this one, since it was one of my faves of lat year, hehe. I totally get it though! Great review!

    Flavia says:

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