Review – Dresscodes of small towns (One of my faves!)

  Title: Dress codes for small towns

Author: Courtney C Stevens

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: HarperTeen

Page count: 352

Release day: August 22nd 2017

Series: Standalone

Rating: 5 stars


What is it about?

This book is about tomboy Billie McCaffery, the daughter of the town’s preacher. She lives in a small town where she has her own ‘hexagon’ of friends: Woods, Mash, Davey, Fifty and Janie Lee.

Billie has always struggled with being what other people tell her she should be, while that is not who she actually is.

When Janie Lee confesses her love for Woods to Billie, Billie starts to think and realizes she also is in love with Woods, and maybe also with Janie Lee. She was always considered as one of the guys, but after she starts thinking, this is not how she wants to be seen. This gives her conflicting feelings, since she does not want to ruin the groups dynamics.

She learns that sometimes it is hard to be different, especially in such a small town, but she should push through so she can always be herself.

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What I thought:

So this review is based on my second read. I guess that already says that I absolutely love this book!

I really love how this book takes place in a small city! Everyone knows everyone, and this book really represents that in a good way!

I absolutely love the friendship dynamics of the hexagon, they are such close friends, and I love them all!

I really love who the main character develops throughout the book! And not only Billie, you also really see development in Davey and Janie Lee, not so much in the other three though.

I think the way that Billie struggles with being herself and being who the people around her think/ want her to be is really well represented. Also the way that the other towns people start to accept her when she starts to turn out the way she is really nice to see. I absolutely love the gesture of one of the townspeople in one of the last pages, it made my heart melt! 🙂

I just absolutely love this book, and will probably reread again!

Also I think I should read something else by Courtney C Stevens!

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Advise for:

People who look for a contemporary book with great character development, and an amazing group of friends!


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