Review – Four Three Two One

Title: Four Three Two One

Author: Courtney C Stevens

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Erin Spencer

Publisher: HarperTeen

Publisher audiobook: HarperAudio

Page count: 400 (9hours 32 minutes)

Release day: November 13th 2018

Series: Standalone

Rating: 5 stars

What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

Golden “Go” Jennings wasn’t supposed to be on Bus 21 the day it blew up in New York City. Neither was her boyfriend, Chandler. But they were. And so was Rudy, a cute stranger whom Go shared a connection with the night before. And Caroline, a girl whose silence ended up costing nineteen people their lives.

Though it’s been a year since the bombing, Go isn’t any closer to getting over what happened. Since Chan shuts down every time Go brings that day up, she decides to reach out to Rudy. Just like that, the two fall right back into their easy, deep connection. Facing the past head-on with Rudy has opened up a small window of healing Go never thought was possible. So she makes an impulsive decision: Round up the rest of the survivors and head to New York City. There they will board an art installation made of the charred remnants of Bus 21.

But things are never easy when it comes to rehashing the past. Uniting the four stirs up conflicting feelings of anger and forgiveness and shows them that, although they all survived, they may still need saving.

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What I thought:

I really wanted to read another book by Courtney Stevens since I really enjoyed her previous book, dress codes for small towns. This book is really outside of my comfort zone, most of the time when I read contemporary I read easy books, but this one has quite a sad topic. But I still went and tried the audiobook out.

I listened to this book in 2 days, and did not really take the time to make notes.. I always regret that afterwards. But I hope this review makes sense 🙂

Part of the reason why In listened so fast is that the narrator is really good! Also the writing is really easy, as in it is really easy to listen to! Of course I also really wanted to know what was going to happen.

I had a bit of a difficult time in the beginning with understanding the POV’s (there are only two) because in the beginning they were a bit hard to distinguish. After a while you notice they are quite different though ahha.

This is a really hard book because of the topic, but it is also really beautiful. I really liked seeing how these four survivors deal differently with the same trauma. And their conversations together, and how they help each other is really interesting to see.

All the characters are so interesting, and I loved seeing them slowly deal with what happened. Of course at the end of the book they are not over their trauma yet since the book only covers 4 days, and it will take longer to deal with such a trauma.

Normally I’m not a huge fan of open endings, but for this book it really works!

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