Review – grace and fury

 Title: Grace and fury

Author: Tracy Banghart

Format: Hardcover (fairyloot exclusive)

Publisher: Hodder Childrens books

Page count: 310

Release day: July 31st 2018

Series: Grace and fury #1

Rating: 2.5 stars


What is it about?

At the start of this book Serina and her sister Nomi are travelling to Bellaqua, where the palace is. Serina is hoping to be chosen as one of the three heir’s new Graces; Nomi will then be her handmaiden. But because of the rebellious Nomi things go really different from their plans.

So the question is now if Serina can fight and if Nomi can win?


Beautiful naked hardcover – fairyloot exclusive! 🙂

What I thought: 

I’m not saying this was a bad book, but it was just nothing special..

This book felt as if it wanted to combine a lot of other books in one book. It had a lot from the selection series, one of the big plot twists was copied from the red queen series, and so there were some more books it reminded me of. And maybe because if this, the book was really predictable. All the romance could be seen from miles away, the same for most of the plot twists.

I also did not really care for the characters, it felt as if they were kind of holding back, like they could have been more. The only character I kinda  liked was Asa.

So now you’re probably like ‘why did you not give it 1 star if you did not like it’, well, the writing style was FANTASTIC. The book read so easily and I just really wanted to continue reading! 🙂 If she writes something else, besides books in this series, I will probably read it!


Come talk to me!

Have you ever read a book of which the story you did not like, but still wanted to read it?

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