Review – Harmonies of war

Title: Harmonies of war

Author: Ruby Fitzgerald

Format: ebook

Publisher: Soldier Bear Entertainment

Page count: 145

Release day: June 27th 2017

Series: Descendants of war #1

Rating: 3 stars

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What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

Thousands ofyears ago, the Ancients bestowed Nine Energies of Magic to a small group ofhumans known as Descendants. Now, at a time when Descendants have become widelyfeared, many of them choose a false sanctuary fighting for the evil King Zaganof Sharnin. With the Queen of Thurnadan poisoning her husband’s mind in a quest to prove her crown, the sudden threat of her kingdom falling to King Zagan hasher in severe turmoil.

There is only one Descendant who could be the key to ending Zagan’s rampage of terror: Aurora, the scarlet haired Descendantforetold in an Ancient Prophecy, more powerful than ever thought possible.

‘Harmonies of War’ is a snapshot of the Temperate Lands. It is your guide to the series ‘Descendants of War’, which follows the Descendants’ daunting journey of survival. Will the evil side of magiccompletely wipe the Descendants off the face of the earth? Or can they find redemption? Follow them as they battle The Jinx, a disease like you’ve neverimagined, discover a hidden reserve of blood, and face the curse of eternallife, as evil attempts to destroy them. 

Make sure you hold on tight as the legends from thousands of years ago claw their way out of extinction and threaten to breathe fiery life once more.

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What I thought:

The start was a bit confusing, since you get thrown into the middle of a story, with barely any introduction so it was a bit hard to follow. A quarter into the book (which is not that much since the book is so short) I started to understand the world a bit and the story became really interesting. Still was not 100% sure who was who. Since there were quite a lot of characters for such a short book!

To be honest I think this book was too short for it’s story! You did not have enough time to learn all the characters, the magic system, the world etc. Also all the actions were already over by the time I got into it..

I really liked the magic system, with many people having no power at all, most people with magic have only one ‘type’. And then this random girl who has all.

I enjoyed the complexity of the relations between the people, but would probably have liked it more, if I would have had the time to understand them more.

So my only reason for taking two stars is just that I did not have enough time to enjoy the bookas I would have liked! I hope that in the second book I could learn more about this world!

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