Review – Heart of thorns

Title: Heart of thorns 

Author: Bree Barton 

Format: Hardcover (Fairyloot Exclusive)  

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books 

Page count: 436 

Release day: July 31st 2018 

Series: Heart of thorns #1 

Rating: 4 stars 


What is it about?  

In this world not all woman are human, some of them are Gwynrach, half-demons who have magic. They can kill men with one touch.  

The 17-year old assassins daughter Mia Rose is about to marry the prince, Quin. The current king decided that all woman have to wear gloves, so that they can’t kill. This is the reason why must of the country is not happy.  

Mia Rose has pledged her life to hunting the Gwynrach, after one of them killed her mother.  

Mia and Quin’s wedding goes horribly wrong. After she flees with the person she least expected, she finds out she has dark, forbidden magic – the same magic she has sworn to destroy.  


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What I thought: 

Okay my summary is really vague, I’m sorry.. I have no idea how to describe this book.. 

But besides this book being hard to describe, it is really good! 

Since my move I was not really in a fantasy mood, so I kind off forced myself to read it, and now I’m back into fantasy! Yay! 

This book started of really interesting, and immediately pulled me into the story and I did not want to stop reading anymore 🙂 Also the ‘magic system’ is really interesting and original. (magic system is between quotations since I would not really call it magic but I don’t know what else to call it).  

There were quite a lot of predictable things, which I can understand if they annoy people, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Especially because sometimes I did not go the way I expected, and then it was quite a surprise! 

The only real down thing about the book is that the beginning of the second part was really confusing, and I had such a hard time getting through it. I had to reread quite some pages, to understand what really was going on. 

But since that was the only negative thing I have to say, I only took one star 🙂 


Advise for: 

Fantasy lovers, who do not mind often used plot twist.  

Someone who would like a new series, with original magic! 


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