Review – I believe in a thing called love

 Title: I believe in a thing called love

Author: Maurene Goo

Format: Paperback (from the library)

Publisher: Margaret Ferguson Books

Page count: 317

Release day: May 30st 2017

Series: Standalone

Rating: 4 stars


What is it about?

Desi Lee is good at everything. She is really smart and wants to become a doctor, she also is the student body president of the school, and soccer star. All of this because she believes that anything is possible if you have a plan. This is also how she will get into Stanford.

The only thing she is not good at is flirting, she never had a boyfriend. She is a disaster in romance, she is a clumsy, stammering humiliation magnet.

So when Luca, a new student, enters her English class Desi decides to tackle her flirting failures the same way she tackles everything. She makes a plan. Based on the K-dramas she watches with her father.

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What I thought:

I read this book exactly at the right time in my life! I was really busy, and when I had time to read I did not want something that was too complicated, so this was perfect!

I loved the writing style in this book! I fitted the story really well.

Also The humour was perfect! I kept laughing out loud! It also contained quite some sarcasm, which I’m always in for!

‘I think it’s totally cool if your dad drops you off on a date. When you’re sixteen’

Feel the sarcasm! I just kept laughing the whole book!

I actually do not have so much to say about this book, it was just really good!

The only reason I took a star is because I did not like the way she gave up a lot for him. She only just met him and she was giving up her ‘good reputation’.

I will definitely read the next book that she will write!


Advise for:

Fluffy romance lovers!

Our if your just like me and need something easy to read in busy time!


Come talk to me!

What is the most recent romance book you really enjoyed?

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