Review – Magnus Chase trilogy

Title book 1: The sword of summer

Title book 2: The Hammer of Thor

Title book 3: The ship of the dead

Author: Rick Riordan

Format: Audiobook

Narrator book 1: Christopher Guetig

Narrator book 2: Kieran Cullin

Narrator book 3: Michael Chrouch

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Page count book 1: 491 (15h 20min)

Page count book 2: 471 (10h 30min)

Page count book 3: 423 (13h)

Series: Trilogy

Rating book 1: 3.5 stars

Rating book 2: 3 stars

Rating book 3: 3 stars


What is it about?

So in this series we follow Magnus Chase who in the beginning of book 1 lives on the streets. He meets his uncle and gets thrown into a world he did not know existed. He learns who his dad is, a Norse god, about the existence of different worlds and species.

Ragnorak is coming soon and he, together with his valkyrie Sam, dwarf Blitzen, elf Hearthstone and his sword tries to prevent this. Before he can to this lots of other stuff happen.

Ragnorak has not come yet in book 2 but here the Hammer of Thor is missing, again. It is not only lost but in the hands of the enemy. If Magnus Chase and his friends won’t get the Hammer back soon, the mortal world will be overthrown by giants. Also Ragnorak is about to begin, which means the 9 worlds will burn. The only person who can make a deal to get the Hammer back is Loki, unfortunately. And Loki is asking for a really high price.

In the third book Ragnorak is really about to happen. Magnus Chase and his friends are sailing all over the world in their yellow Viking ship to save the world. But before they can to this there are a lot of things in their way, which asks a lot of Magnus and his friends.


What I thought:

So I really loved the Percy Jackson series so I was convinced I would really love this series as well. It was still really good, but I did not love it as much as I loved the Percy Jackson series, maybe because I’m too ‘old’, or that I listened to this series in audiobook, I don’t know.

I still really loved the writing style of Rick Riordan it is so sarcastic and makes me laugh out loud at times, so that is always a good thing. Related to this I also really loved the chapter titles in all three book, they really do describe the chapters, but also makes you think okay what am I actually reading..

I did not like the narrator of the first book at all, and made me want to stop listening a couple of times, but then I realised the second and third book were narrated by different person so I continued. I mainly did not like this narrator since he used really annoying voices for Sam and Magnus.. The narrator of the third book was definitely the best, the one for the third book was okay (but better than the first one).

For all three of the books there was the right amount of action and ‘talking’ scenes, I really liked that. You learned more about the characters, but it was not getting boring.

Also all the books were hilarious and really well thought off!

For the first book I found the ending a bit too dragging, it was like ‘happily ever after’ even though we knew there were two more books, so that could have cut of in my opinion.

I gave the first book 3.5 stars partly because of the ending but also because sometimes the story just did not hold my attention.

The second book started of great!

‘Otis’ I said

‘Shh’ he said, ‘I’m incognito. Call me.. Otis’

‘I’m not sure that’s how incognito works, but okay!’

I also really liked a side character that was introduced in this book, Amir! He is really sweet and helpful.

I liked that we got to see more background for all the characters, but I was less invested in this book compared to the first book.

‘Etiquette tip: If you’re looking for the right time to leave a party, when the host yells, ‘no one leaves here alive’, that’s your cue’

I really loved that we got to see a bit from Annabeth and Percy in the third book!

This book did feel a bit repeatable from the first two books; it was still really good though!

I also really loved how diversity is woven into this series, but especially in this book!

Also, if you read this you will get what I say, I’m really disgusted with toe nails (don’t know why) but there were some scenes I did not like AT ALL!

The last book was not my favourite of the series, but it was definitely a good ending to the trilogy!


Recommend for:

People interested in Norse Mythology! You definitely learn a lot from this series.

Also sarcasm! Easy read! Funny! Diverse!

I would recommend the physical book over the audiobook though!


Come talk to me!

Have you read this trilogy? Which was your favourite?

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