Review – Mistborn trilogy

Let’s talk about one of my favourite series!

Title book 1: The final empire
Title book 2: The well of ascension
Title book 3: The hero of ages
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Series: Mistborn (this particular series), cosmere (all his books)
Publication year book 1: 2006
Publication year book 2: 2007
Publication year book 3: 2008
Format read: Paperback (in these amazing covers ❤)
Genre: High fantasy
Rating: 5 stars!

What is it about?

In this world ash falls from the sky and everything is covered in mist during the night. And that’s not the only thing that is weird, there is magic. Really epic magic. This magic is based on metals. There are a couple of different metals that can be used for this magic, all those metals come in pairs and their magic is related. For example tin improves your senses etc. Some people cannot use any metals, some can use (burn) only one metal and some can use all, those are called mistborn. Anyone who can burn a metal is called an allomancer.

Also this land is ruled by Lord ruler (such an original name hah), who we don’t like because he is the reason of the big difference between nobility and the Skaa (who are handled as slaves..).

So we have this group of (allomancer) people, most of whom are Skaa or not rich, who want to beat Lord ruler of his place and make a better life for the Skaa. This group is led by Kelsier, a mistborn, who makes the most ridiculous plans to come to their goal and for some reason these plans most of the time work out one way or another.

This is mostly based on book 1, since I don’t want to spoil anything. Book 2 and 3 are about what happens after they try to attack Lord ruler. And what they are doing about the ashfall and the mist.

I hope this was understandable haha, since it is really hard to explain. You should just read it!


What I thought:

Most of my thoughts while reading this where something like: ‘OM MY GOD THIS BOOK IS SO EPIC!’

So I would say that already says quite a lot about what I thought haha.

But seriously, this book is so well thought of, all details are worked out. Everything fits in the end. And wow what an amount of amazing plot twists! Every time I thought I understood the story something happened and I was totally lost again. And I loved it! I loved that I could just not predict what was going to happen at all. Also there were quite a couple of sentences throughout this series, where I could just not believe what I was reading, and just reread the sentence a couple of times. Because plottwist!

Also the characters are amazing, they have a really good development over the whole series. Once new characters are introduced, I could immediately see them in front of me. They were really well descripted, without a page long description of how they looked, the descriptions were really well worked into the story!

And then kind of the same story for the way new settings are introduced. So well done, I could just see how it all looked like 🙂

Okay I have to admit, I had a bit of trouble with the beginning of the first book. Mostly because it was so confusing, with all those different kind of metals and their different functions (Luckily there was an appendix in the back which contained a really nice table!).

Also sometimes it was a bit confusing from whose perspective we were reading, but that mostly took only a couple of sentences.

So conclusion I LOVE this series! And I’m really excited to read something else from Brandon Sanderson *puts all of his books on wish list*.

Extra points for:

  • I bought these books in the amazing covers at the top, I love them so much (you should check all his books, all of them have a cover like this)
  • Appendix, I love appendices! Then I don’t need the write everything down if I think I will be confused, now you can just flip to the back and see what metal had what function!
  • Maps!! I love maps❤ (I always forget about them, but I. LOVE. THEM.)


Recommend for:

Everyone who loves some good fantasy! And is willing to spend some time understanding the world!

Also: Don’t be afraid of the size of this book! Yes it’s long, but when you’re finished you want more!


Come talk to me!

Have you read anything from Brandon Sanderson? What did you think?


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