Review – Neverwhere

Title: Neverwhere

Author: Neil Gaiman

Format: Paperback

Page count: 376

Chapter length: ~20 pages

Series: Standalone (I think, there may be a book in the same world)

Rating: 3.5 stars


What is it about?

Well, that is a good question hahah it is really hard to describe. I actually don’t think it´s a bad thing to read this book without knowing what it is about, but I will try to explain it anywhy.

Underneath London there is another world, filled with monsters, saints, murderers and angels, but no-one from the London above knows of the existence of this London below. The main character Richard Mayhew lives in the London above. He has a good live, works as a businessmen and is engaged to Jessica. He goes out for dinner with Jessica and tries to do something good for a girl on the street, but it actually screws up his life. No-one knows he exists anymore, so he ends up in the London below. Here he finds himself travelling around with Lady Door and Hunter, to try and get his old life back.


What I think:

Before this book I read two other Neil Gaiman books. I read Norse Mythology, which I loved (!!), and American gods, which I hated. So this book was supposed to make me chose if I will go and read more Neil Gaiman or would just stop there. So I will definitely read more of his work! (I’m so excited to read the ocean at the end of the lane )

So now about this book, this book is so weird! But for some reason I really enjoyed this weirdness. But before I liked it, it took me like two chapters to get into this book (and these chapters are ridiculous long..). But after that I really, really loved it, and was thinking it would be one of my new favourite books! But unfortunately at some point the storyline started to get a bit boring and the weirdness was not enough to keep loving it.


Recommend for:

So you should only read this if you’re ready for some weird ass book! Also I would really advise to read it if you have quite some time to sit and read, not some little bits now and then. If you only read some small parts every time, I think it would be too confusing to enjoy this book.

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