Review – Outrun the wind

Title: Outrun the wind

Author: Elizabeth Tammi

Format: E-book

Publisher: Flux

Page count: 235

Release day: November 27th 2018

Series: Standalone

Rating: 4 stars


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What is it about?

Artemis, the god, set a beast lose and Atalanta and the hunters, not the one’s from Artemis, try to kill it. A hunter of Artemis kills the beast, but Atalanta claims that she did it. Artemis tells her that to make it up with her, because of killing the beast, Atalanta has to join her hunters. Atalanta does not want to and runs away. Artemis actually knows Atalanta is not the one who killed the beast, she bans the hunter, Kahina, who actually killed the beast, to go on a quest before she can return to the hunters.

Kahina and Atalanta end up in the same place and stuff happen.

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What I thought:

Believe me the book is actually better than that I make it sound in the summary!

I forgot what this book was about, so I was really pleasantly surprised when I started reading this and found out (again) that this book contains Greek gods! I really love books about the Greek gods, and not only Artemis, as I made it sound in the summary. There is something, like a fight, happening between Artemis and Apollo, and you notice that in what is happening with Atalanta and Kahina. They are kind of ‘using’ them, but not really, it is really hard to explain. Also there are children of Zeus and Ares.

This book started of really strong, with immediately quite some action. So that was really nice! But shortly after that Atalanta is told that this guy is her dad, and that make it sound as if she believes him immediately. Which I found a bit unbelievable, especially because we actually do not read this conversation, we are just being told that it happened. And they make it sound as if it was like: ‘he I’m your dad’ ‘oh cool, I will come with you then’.

After Atalanta and Kahina join each other, the story weakens a bit. The conversations between the girls are interesting. And it is not like nothing is happening, I just think if it was written a bit differently it could have come over way better! But after like 50 pages the story was improving again! And I was totally dragged in and abandoned my homework to read it 🙂 #priorities

So really the only reason for taking one star is that the middle part is a bit weaker compared to the rest of the book.


Advise for:

Fans of Greek mythology! People who like a quick paced, fantasy book. It does take place in our world, in the past.


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